LRT may stand for:

  • IATA airport code for Lorient South Brittany Airport, France
  • Lewis Roberts-Thomson
  • Lithuanian National Radio and Television (Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija)
  • Light rail, a form of urban rail public transportation
  • Urban rail transit systems in different cities and metropolitan areas named:
    • Light Rail Transit
    • Light Rapid Transit
  • Likelihood-ratio test
  • London Regional Transport, the organisation responsible for the public transport network in Greater London, UK from 1984-2000
  • Long-running transaction
  • Lothian Region Transport, the moniker applied to the municipally-owned bus operation in Edinburgh, Scotland from 1975-2000
  • Louis Riel Trail, a highway in Saskatchewan, Canada

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... Anonas LRT Station is a station on the Manila LRT Purple Line (MRT-2) ... Anonas station is one of the many elevated stations that can be found on the line ...
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... Option 3 – LRT Underground to Subway Platform Level at Don Mills Subway platform extended to east, LRT tracks on either side, level transfer 1 ... Separation between subway and LRT still under policy discussion separation between vehicles could be 100–125 metres Option 5 – Shallow Subway Extension ...
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