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Design Features

The Lorenz rifle was a percussion type muzzle loader, and as such was similar in design to the British Pattern 1853 Enfield and the American Springfield rifle-muskets. It had a 37.5 inch barrel which was held into place by three barrel bands. The barrel was .54 caliber, which was slightly smaller than the .577 used by the Enfield and the .58 standardized in later Springfields.

The stock was made of beech or occasionally walnut. The Lorenz could have either block or leaf-sights.

The Lorenz rifle fired a solid bullet that did not grip the barrel as well as a hollow skirted Minie type bullet. This solid bullet design, combined with inconsistent bore diameters, contributed significantly to the mediocre and inconsistent performance of Lorenz rifles.

The rifle was fitted with a quadrangle socket bayonet.

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