Logistic Distribution

In probability theory and statistics, the logistic distribution is a continuous probability distribution. Its cumulative distribution function is the logistic function, which appears in logistic regression and feedforward neural networks. It resembles the normal distribution in shape but has heavier tails (higher kurtosis).

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Generalized Logistic Distribution
... The term generalized logistic distribution is used as the name for several different families of probability distributions ... described here has also been called the skew-logistic distribution ... For other families of distributions that have also been called generalized logistic distributions, see the shifted log-logistic distribution, which is a generalization of ...
Multinomial Logit - Model - As A Latent-variable Model
... It is also possible to formulate multinomial logistic regression as a latent variable model, following the two-way latent variable model described for binary ... choice models, and makes it easier to compare multinomial logistic regression to the related multinomial probit model, as well as to extend it to more complex models ... a standard type-1 extreme value distribution ...
Logistic Distribution - Criticism
... William Feller criticized overuse of the distribution The logistic distribution function (4.10) may serve as a warning ... tried to establish a transcendental "law of logistic growth" measured in appropriate units, practically all growth processes were supposed to be represented by a function of the form (4.10) with t representing ... plants and animals were found to follow the logistic law even though it is theoretically clear that these two variables cannot be subject to the same distribution ...
Elo Rating System - History - Implementing Elo's Scheme
... have suggested that chess performance is almost certainly not distributed as a normal distribution, as weaker players have significantly (but not highly significantly) greater ... Therefore, the USCF and some chess sites use a formula based on the logistic distribution ... statistical anomalies have also been found when using the logistic distribution in chess ...
Comparison Between Binomial Regression and Binary Choice Models
... "noise" or "error" in the prediction, assumed to be distributed according to some distribution ... Normally, if there is a mean or variance parameter in the distribution, it cannot be identified, so the parameters are set to convenient values — by convention ... The unobserved term, εn, is assumed to have a logistic distribution ...

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