LLC is an abbreviation that most commonly refers to:

  • In the US, a limited liability company is a flexible form of business enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures organizations. In the UK and Commonwealth, this is called a limited company.

LLC may also refer to:

  • Landlocked country, nation whose borders do not reach navigable waters on any side
  • Laurentian Leadership Centre, extension of Trinity Western University
  • Lend Lease Corporation, Australian-based property management and investment company
  • Literary and Linguistic Computing, a peer-reviewed academic journal on digital scholarship in the humanities
  • Logical Link Control, in computer networking, a sublayer of the OSI Data Link Layer in the IEEE 802 family of standards
  • Lunar Lander Challenge, $2 million prize program funded by NASA
  • FlyLAL Charters, ICAO airline designator of the charter airline
  • Last Level Cache, the slowest (and largest) memory cache of a processor (usually L3 or L2 cache).

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