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Bokkoms - In Popular Culture
... old stick", in the phrase "`n droë bokkom" (literally translated "a dry bokkem") ... able to do the simplest of things, in the phrase "hy kan nie bokkom braai nie" (literally translated "he is not able to barbecue a bokkom") ... in the phrase "hy is pure bokkom en biltong, maar min vir die jakkalse" (literally translated "he is pure bokkom and biltong, but not much for the jackal") ...
Ordensburg Vogelsang - History - Planning and Construction Since 1933
... Robert Ley, the "Reichsorganisationsleiter" (literally Reich Organisational Leader) of the NSDAP, who undertook the construction and operation of four educational camps (NS-Ordensburgen ...
Korean Swords - Types
... Geom (검 劍) Literally 'sword' ... Haedong jingeom (해동진검 海東劍) This literally means 'East Asian Practical Sword' ... or Ssanggeom (쌍도 雙刀 쌍검 雙劍) This literally means "Twin Swords." It can vary from twin long swords or twin short swords ...
Chinese Numerals - Written Numbers - Characters Used To Represent Numbers - Numbers From Buddhism
... Character (T) Character (S) Pinyin Value Notes 極 极 jí 1048 Literally means "Extreme" 恆河沙 恒河沙 héng hé shā 1052 Literally means "Sands of the Ganges" a metaphor used in a number of Buddhist texts ... nà yóu tā 1060 From Sanskrit Nayuta 不可思議 不可思议 bùkě sīyì 1064 Literally translated as "unfathomable" ... 無量 无量 wú liàng 1068 Literally translated as "without measure" 大數 大数 dà shù 1072 Literally translated as "a large number" ...

Famous quotes containing the words translated and/or literally:

    John Eliot came to preach to the Podunks in 1657, translated the Bible into their language, but made little progress in aboriginal soul-saving. The Indians answered his pleas with: ‘No, you have taken away our lands, and now you wish to make us a race of slaves.’
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program. Connecticut: A Guide to Its Roads, Lore, and People (The WPA Guide to Connecticut)

    The word poet literally means maker: anything which is not well made doesn’t exist.
    Théophile Gautier (1811–1872)