Lists of Ethnic Groups - By Alphabet - C


Name Country Population Notes
Caddo United States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 5,757 Native American peoples.
Cahuilla United States (California) 1,276 Native American peoples.
Caingang Brazil (São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul) Native American peoples.
Cajun United States (Louisiana) 488,549 French-Americans in Louisiana. See also Acadian.
Caldoche New Caledonia French people of New Caledonia; largest French national colony outside of France.
Californio United States (California), Mexico (Alta California) 300,000 - 500,000 Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the colonial Spanish/Mexican California and their descendants.
Cambodians Cambodia ~13,000,000
Campa Bolivia 25,000 - 45,000
Canaanites Lebanon, Israel 0 Ancient people, unclear who their descendants are.
Canadians Canada 34,960,000
Canarians Canary Islands 1,547,611 Berber based ethnic group.
Cantonese China 66,000,000 Subgroup of Han chinese, people whose ancestral home is in Guangdong. Also called Yue. They form a significant proportion of Overseas Chinese.
Cape Coloured South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe 4,539,790 Mixed-race population of the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Cape Malay South Africa 200,000 Population descended from people of the Malay archipelago in the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Castilians Spain ~6,500,000 Largest ethnic group of Spain, found in the Castile region; Also found in the Spanish diaspora.
Caprivian Namibia Inhabitants of the Caprivi Strip in northeastern Namibia.
Caribs Caribbean 3,000 Native American peoples of northern South America, the Lesser Antilles, and the east coast of Central America.
Carinthian Slovenes Austria
Cascadian, members of the Cascadia (independence movement) belong to a culture of the Northwestern USA.
Catalans Spain, France, Andorra 8,000,000 Also found in the Catalan-speaking diaspora around the world.
Catawba United States (North Carolina, South Carolina) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Cayuga United States (New York, Oklahoma), Canada (Ontario) 86,000 Native American peoples.
Cayuse United States (Oregon, Washington) 0 Native American peoples.
Cebuano Philippines 20,000,000 Also known as Cebu.
Celts Ireland, United Kingdom, France (Brittany) 0 Ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe.
Ceylon Moors Sri Lanka 1,800,000 People of Arab descent living in Sri Lanka.
Chagga Tanzania 2,000,000 People of Bantu descent (Niger-Congo-B) living in Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania.
Cham Cambodia, Vietnam 400,000 People of Indonesian descent living in Cambodia and central Vietnam.
Chambri Papua New Guinea
Chamalals Russia (Dagestan) 5,000
Chamorro Guam, Northern Mariana Islands 177,000 Indigenous peoples.
Champenois-speaking people of Champagne-Ardenne of Northeastern France.
Charrúa Uruguay, Brazil 0 Indigenous peoples; Now extinct.
Chechens Russia (Chechnya) 1,700,000
Chehalis United States (Washington) 691 Native American peoples.
Chemehuevi United States (Arizona, California) 600 Native American peoples.
Chepang Nepal 52,237
Cherokee United States (North Carolina, Oklahoma) 316,049 Native American people originally of eastern and central Tennessee, most of Kentucky, southern West Virginia, western Virginia, northern Georgia (USA), northern Alabama, northwestern South Carolina, and western North Carolina, now mostly living in Oklahoma and North Carolina.
Cheyenne United States (Montana, Oklahoma) 15,672 Native American peoples.
Chicanos United States 31,689,000 United States citizens of Mexican origin. While some Mexican-Americans may embrace the term "Chicano", others prefer to identify themselves differently.
Chickahominy United States (Virginia) 972 Native American people.
Chickasaw United States 38,000,000 Native American people formerly of northeast Mississippi, west Tennessee, and northwest Alabama, now living in Oklahoma.
Chilcotin Canada (British Columbia) Native American peoples.
Chileans Chile 17,094,275
Chilean American United States 113,934 Chilean diaspora of the United States.
Chilean Australian Australia 33,626 Chilean diaspora of Australia.
Chilean Swedes Sweden 42,396 Chilean diaspora of Sweden.
Chimakum United States (Washington) 0 Native America peoples. Now extinct.
Chinese China 1,310,158,851 Also known as Han or Han Chinese. Dominant ethnic group of the People's Republic of China.
Chinese American United States 3,376,031 Chinese diaspora of the United States.
Chinese Australian Australia 1,185,000 Chinese diaspora of Australia.
Chinese Brazilian Brazil 151,649 Chinese diaspora of Brazil.
Chinese Canadian Canada 1,364,215 Chinese diaspora of Canada.
British Chinese United Kingdom 296,623 Chinese diaspora of the United Kingdom.
Ethnic Chinese in Brunei Brunei 43,000 Chinese diaspora of Brunei.
Chinese people in Bulgaria Bulgaria 10,000 Chinese diaspora of Bulgaria.
Burmese Chinese Burma 1,637,540 Chinese diaspora of Burma.
Chinese Cambodian Cambodia 1,180,000 Chinese diaspora of Cambodia
Chinese people in Chile Chile 10,000 Chinese diaspora of Chile.
Chinese-Costa Rican Costa Rica 45,000 Chinese diaspora of Costa Rica.
Chinese Cuban Cuba 114,240 Chinese diaspora of Cuba.
Chinese in Fiji Fiji 8,000 Chinese diaspora of Fiji.
Chinese Filipino Philippines 1,146,250 Chinese diaspora of the Philippines.
Chinese diaspora in France France 230,515 Chinese diaspora of France.
Chinese Indonesian Indonesia 8,800,000 Chinese diaspora of Indonesia.
Chinese people in Italy Italy 162,000 Chinese diaspora of Italy.
Chinese Jamaican Jamaica 22,000 Chinese diaspora of Jamaica.
Chinese people in Japan Japan 655,377 Chinese diaspora of Japan.
Ethnic Chinese in Korea South Korea, North Korea 706,861 Chinese diaspora of the Korean Peninsula.
Laotian Chinese Laos 185,765 Chinese diaspora of Laos.
Malaysian Chinese Malaysia 6,590,500 Chinese diaspora of Malaysia.
Chinese Mauritian Mauritius 38,500 Chinese diaspora of Mauritius.
Chinese Mexican Mexico 23,000 Chinese diaspora of Mexico.
Ethnic Chinese in Mongolia Mongolia 40,000 Chinese diaspora of Mongolia.
Chinese New Zealander New Zealand 147,510 Chinese diaspora of New Zealand.
Chinese Nicaraguan Nicaragua 12,000 Chinese diaspora of Nicaragua.
Ethnic Chinese in Panama Panama 135,000 Chinese diaspora of Panama.
Chinese Peruvian Peru 1,300,000 Chinese diaspora of Peru.
Chinese of Romania Romania 2,243 Chinese diaspora of Romania.
Ethnic Chinese in Russia Russia 998,000 Chinese diaspora of Russia.
Chinese in Samoa Samoa, American Samoa 250 Chinese diaspora of Samoa.
Chinese Singaporean Singapore 2,808,300 Han Chinese in Singapore; Majority ethnic group of Singapore.
Chinese South Africans South Africa 350,000 Chinese diaspora of South Africa.
Chinese people in Spain Spain 197,214 diaspora of Spain.
Thai Chinese Thailand 7,053,240 Chinese diaspora of Thailand.
Chinese in Tonga Tonga 3,000 Chinese diaspora of Tonga.
Chinese Trinidadian Trinidad and Tobago 3,800 Chinese diaspora of Trinidad and Tobago.
Chinookan United States (Washington, Oregon) Native American peoples.
Chipewyan Canada 11,000 Native American peoples.
Chippewa United States (Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana), Canada (Great Lakes) 219,711 Native American peoples.
Chitimacha United States (Louisiana) 720 Native American peoples.
Chitpavan India (Maharashtra) 497,000 Smarta Brahmin community of Konkan.
Cho Ro Vietnam 22,567
Choctaw United States (Oklahoma, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama) 160,000 Native American people of Mississippi and Alabama, now mostly living in Oklahoma and Mississippi.
Chukchansi United States (California) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Chukchis Russia (Chukchi Peninsula) 15,767 Indigenous peoples.
Chulym Tatars Russia (Tomsk Oblast) 656 Turkic peoples.
Chumash United States (California) 2,000 - 5,000 Native American peoples.
Chuncho Peru Indigenous peoples.
Chut Vietnam (Quang Binh province) 3,829
Chuukese people Federated States of Micronesia 53,280
Chuvash Russia 2,000,000 Turkic peoples.
Ciboney Cuba 0 Indigenous peoples; Now extinct.
Circassians or Cherkezians Russia, Turkey 7,000,000 - 9,000,000 See also Adyghe.
Clayoquot Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia) 618 Native American peoples.
Co people
Coalhuiltec Native American peoples.
Co Ho people Vietnam
Co Lao
Co Tu people Vietnam (Thừa Thiên -Huế, Quảng Nam) 61,588
Coast Salish United States (Washington, Oregon), Canada (British Columbia) ~18,000 Native American peoples.
Cochiti United States (Southwestern) Native American peoples.
Cocopah United States (Arizona), Mexico (Baja California and Sonora) 891 Native American peoples.
Coeur d'Alene United States (Rocky Mountains and Columbian Plateau) 2,000 Native American peoples.
Coharie United States (North Carolina) 2,632 Native American peoples.
Colchians or Kolchians Georgia 0 Ancient Mingrelians-Lazs who inhabited the west and southwest of the Transcaucasus region in prehistoric and historic times.
Colombians Colombia 50,000,000
Coloured South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe 4,539,790 Mixed-race inhabitants of South Africa. See also Cape Coloured.
Colville United States (Washington) ~322 Native American peoples; One of the Salish tribes.
Comanche United States (Oklahoma, Texas, California, New Mexico) 14,700 Native American peoples.
Comorian Comoros 798,000
Cong Laos, Thailand, Vietnam 40,000 See also Phunoi.
Congolese people Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Copper Native American peoples.
Copt Egypt 10,000,000 - 20,000,000 Christian ethnoreligious group in Egypt.
Coquille United States (Oregon) Native American peoples.
Corsicans Corsica 290,000
Cornish United Kingdom 534,300 British people originating in Cornwall and the South West of Great Britain.
Cornish American United States 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 Cornish diaspora in the United States.
Cornish Australian Australia 1,000,000 Cornish diaspora in Australia.
Cossack Russia, Ukraine 2,500,000 - 7,000,000 Predominantly East Slavic people inhabiting the lower Dnieper and Don basins.
Costanoan United States (California) 1,500 - 2,000 Native American peoples; One of the Mission Indian peoples.
Coushatta United States (Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma) 1,520 Native American peoples. See also Alabama.
Cowichan Canada (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) 4,000 Native American peoples.
Cowlitz United States (Washington) Native American peoples; One of the Salish peoples.
Cree United States, Canada 200,000 Native American peoples.
Creek United States (Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 71,502 Native American people originally of Alabama but now mostly residing in Oklahoma.
Créole United States People of Iberian or French ancestry in the Americas, or people of mixed Native American and European ancestry in Alaska. See Louisiana Creole people.
Crimean Germans Ukraine (Crimea) 3,000 Crimean people of German origin.
Crimean Goths Ukraine (Crimea) Gothic tribes who remained in the lands around the Black Sea, especially in Crimea. Almost no signs of the Crimean Goths exist today.
Crimean Tatars Ukraine 248,200 Turkic people of Crimea.
Croats Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 4,462,171 South Slavic peoples.
Croatian American United States 420,763 Croatian diaspora in the United States.
Croatian Australian Australia 126,264 Croatian diaspora in Australia.
Croatian Brazilian Brazil 45,000 Croatian diaspora in Brazil.
Croatian Canadians Canada 110,880 Croatian diaspora in Canada.
Croatian Chileans Chile 380,000 Croatian diaspora in Chile.
Croatian-Peruvians Peru 6,000 Croatian diaspora in Peru.
Crow United States (Montana) 12,000 Native American peoples; One of the Sioux peoples.
Cubans Cuba 11,247,925
Cuban Americans United States 1,094,811 Cuban diaspora in the United States.
Cumans Eastern Europe, Caucasus 0 Historic nomadic Turkic peoples.
Cupeño United States (California) 1,000 Native American peoples.
Curaçaoan Curaçao 142,180
Greek Cypriots Cyprus 1,150,000 Ethnic Greek population in Cyprus.
Czechs Czech Republic 10,000,000 Slavic people of central Europe, consisting of Bohemians and Moravians.
Czech American United States 1,462,000 Czech diaspora in the United States.
Czechs in the United Kingdom United Kingdom 30,000 – 90,000 Czech diaspora in the United Kingdom.
Czech Canadian Canada 98,090 Czech diaspora in Canada.

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