List of Wild At Heart Episodes - Series 4

Series 4

Title Original airdate Written by Series # #
Episode 25 - Part 1 of 2 11 January 2009 Ashley Pharoah 025 4x01
Twelve months have passed since the bush fire that destroyed the animal hospital and made Danny a widower. Now he must face the court's decision regarding custody of Evan. Meanwhile, Rosie is interviewed for vet school and Dup takes matters into his own hands to save a baby elephant who is a victim of the asset strippers shutting down Mara.
Episode 26 - Part 2 of 2 18 January 2009 Andy Watts 026 4x02
At Dup's suggestion, Danny makes an uncharacteristic decision to spirit Evan away to an old army fort, rather than sending him back to his father in England. They encounter a sick hippo and discover the cause. Rosie meets Mara's new owner, Vanessa, and tries to treat an injured lioness, putting her future career as a vet at risk.
Episode 27 25 January 2009 Niall Leonard 027 4x03
Danny is put in charge of culling a large number of animals to bring an outbreak of rabies under control. A new vet, Alice Collins arrives from the city to help. When her young daughter Charlotte wanders off into the bush, a tragedy is narrowly averted.
Episode 28 1 February 2009 Jack Williams 028 4x04
Rosie gets injured by an elephant. She and Max finally marry, but the injury leads to sad news for the family. Everyone despises Caroline's sister Georgina, who has come to keep Dup in line while Caroline is in England. Dup is devastated when Georgina reveals that she persuaded Caroline not to return.
Episode 29 8 February 2009 John Moloney 029 4x05
Rosie and Max's honeymoon didn't turn out as they expected, and Dup decides to help settle their differences. Danny and Alice are called to attend to a vicious wild dog that's been captured by a local farmer. Danny calls in an expert to help find the dog's pack, and Alice is challenged to make an important decision when the visitor turns out to be someone she knows.
Episode 30 15 February 2009 Matthew Evans 030 4x06
Everyone is devastated when Dup announces he's leaving immediately to join Caroline in England. Alice's feelings for Danny are becoming more apparent, but Vanessa also seeks his attention. Rosie and Fatani investigate the questionable source of a lion purchase, which leads them into danger. Rosie and Max leave for Cape Town so Rosie can attend vet school.
Episode 31 22 February 2009 Jack Williams 031 4x07
Guests are attracted to Leopards Den to see Du Plessis in action as Georgina tries to pass him off as South Africa's answer to Crocodile Dundee. Meanwhile, Alice wants to gain recognition for Leopards Den as a serious conservation facility.
Episode 32 - Part 1 of 2 1 March 2009 Ashley Pharoah 032 4x08
Alice's brother Rowan arrives from Scotland to say that their father has died. Without Danny's agreement, Alice purchases an aged giraffe at an auction. As a great storm is brewing, Vanessa tries to entice Danny with an unwanted kiss. The storm hits with dire consequences.
Episode 33 - Part 2 of 2 8 March 2009 Ashley Pharoah 033 4x09
In the storm's aftermath, Rowan helps to search for Charlotte admidst the rubble and there is a frantic search to rescue Danny who's injured out in the bush. Convinced that Danny is falling for Vanessa, Alice makes a painful decision. With his friend's happiness hanging in the balance, Dup opens Danny's eyes to the truth.
Episode 34 15 March 2009 Andy Watts 034 4x10
Danny and Alice try to keep their new romance a secret, but more pressing concerns take hold when a lioness threatens the township. Relations between Leopards Den and Mara — and between Alice and Rowan — are shattered when Vanessa refuses to help their dying elephant calf Tula.

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