List of Warrior Nun Areala Characters

List Of Warrior Nun Areala Characters

The characters within the Warrior Nun Areala comic series are well developed. Through the serial nature of publication of these fictitious adventures several heroes have been developed. The chief among them is the Warrior Nun Areala, Sister Shannon Masters. Behind her are her fellow Christian soldiers, who like her have devoted their lives to the service of God and His Church. They are her friends and through trial and tribulation have become the family she otherwise would not have.

That is seen in Sister Shannon's foster sister joining the Warrior Nuns and her looking at her fellow Sisters as just that, sisters. Initially uncertain of herself she has developed as a character and has grown ever stronger due to her unbreakable faith and love for God and His Son Jesus Christ. She has formed strong bonds of affection with her surrogate sisters, Sasuki, Mary, and Sarah; her surrogate son, Jason; her parent figures, Father Gomez and Mother Superion; her love interest, Father Crowe. Alongside them, she has fought a wide variety of foes such as Demon Foster, Julius Salvius, and Helga.

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