List of Ulster-related Topics

List Of Ulster-related Topics

The territorial extent covered by the term Ulster may vary, reflecting the prevalent deep political and cultural divisions.

  • The province of Ulster, one of the historic four provinces on the island of Ireland - comprising nine counties, six in Northern Ireland and three in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Northern Ireland is sometimes referred to as Ulster, particularly by the unionist community, in this sense comprising the six UK-ruled counties only.

Political and paramilitary organizations, parties and movements having "Ulster" as part of their name are almost invariably on the Unionist side; military and police units having such names are often accused of a pro-Unionist bias. That is, however, not necessarily the case with names in other spheres including "Ulster". For example, Ulster sports associations and teams often form part of an all-Ireland structure and thus, while not overtly political, are favorably regarded by Irish Nationalists.

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