List of TVB Series (1992) - First Line Series

First Line Series

These dramas aired in Hong Kong from 7:35pm to 8:35pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
6 Jan-
17 Jan
Letting Go
10 Louise Lee, Gary Chan, Kenneth Chan, Mannor Chan Modern drama Official website
24 Jan-
14 Feb
Love and Marriage
20 Liu Wai Hung, Amy Chan, Li Ka Sing, Benz Hui T: "Home Alone"
(Joe Cheng, Raymond Choi, & Ekin Cheng)
Modern drama
17 Feb-
13 Mar
The Commandments
20 Deric Wan, Cutie Mui, Vivian Chow T: "武林幸運星"
(Deric Wan)
Modern drama
16 Mar-
10 Apr
Odd Man Out
20 Bryan Leung, David Lui, Alex To, Elvina Kong T: "總有一天等到你"
(Alex To)
Modern drama
13 Apr-
8 May
Source of Evil
20 Eddie Kwan, Prudence Liew, Anita Yuen, Gary Chan T: "獨自暢飲"
(George Lam)
Modern drama
11 May-
5 Jun
Mystery of the Twin Swords II
20 Roger Kwok, Dicky Cheung T: "真真假假"
(Dicky Cheung)
Costume drama Sequel to 1991's Mystery of the Twin Swords.
8 Jun-
3 Jul
Beyond Love
20 Bowie Lam, Eddie Cheung, Loletta Lee T: "一世濃情"
(Dave Wong)
Modern drama Official website
6 Jul-
31 Jul
Eastern Hero
20 Eddie Kwan, Hacken Lee, Gigi Lai T: "龍影俠"
(Hacken Lee)

ST: "無聲慰問"
(Hacken Lee)
ST: "妳是我的太陽"
(Hacken Lee)

Costume drama
3 Aug-
21 Aug
Peak of Passion
15 Remus Choi, Julian Cheung, Vikki Tong, Calvin Choi, Edmond So T: "三分鐘放縱"
Modern drama
24 Aug-
18 Sep
The Stake
20 Roger Kwok, Gigi Lai T: "一世風雲"
(Alan Tam)
Modern drama
5 Oct-
27 Nov
The Greed of Man
40 Adam Cheng, Damian Lau, Loletta Lee, Sean Lau, Michael Tao, Amy Kwok, Vivian Chow, Bowie Lam T: "我的生命我的愛"
(Alan Tam)
ST: "歲月無情"
(Adam Cheng)
Modern drama Grand production Official website
17 Dec 1992-
1 Jan 1993
The Wong Fei Hung Returns
20 Dicky Cheung, Gigi Lai, Andy Hui, Winnie Lau, Lam Yi Kei T: "哎呀哎呀親親你"

ST: "烟雨情浓"

Costume drama

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