List of TVB Series (1990) - First & Second Line Series

First & Second Line Series

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
22 Jan Being Rich
10 Roger Kwok, Margie Tsang, Liu Wai Hung, Chan On Ying, Johnny Ngan Modern comedy
27 Jan Road to Eternity
20 Deric Wan, Francis Ng, Maggie Siu, Teresa Mo T: "最愛是我家"
(Sally Yeh)
Modern drama
5 Feb In the Realms of Joy
20 Fiona Leung, Canti Lau, Frankie Lam T: "一切是創造"
(Shirley Kwan & Hacken Lee)
Ancient drama
19 Feb Rain in the Heart
40 Roger Kwok, Dominic Lam, Gallen Lo, Kathy Chow T: "成敗之間"
(George Lam)
Modern drama Official website
5 Mar The Enforcer's Experience
20 Deric Wan, Frankie Lam, Sheren Tang T: "天知地知"
(Eddie Ng)
Modern drama Official website
1 Apr Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai
20 Felix Wong, Maggie Siu, Hugo Ng Ancient action Official website
16 Apr Let It Be Me
20 Ha Yu, Ekin Cheng, Rebecca Chan, Angelina Lo Modern drama
30 Apr Cherished Moments
20 Leon Lai, Kathy Chow, Lau Siu Ming, Dominic Lam T: "愛恨纏綿"
(Shirley Kwan)
Modern drama Official website
14 May Blood of Good and Evil
40 Deric Wan, Maggie Siu, Kitty Lai, Kenneth Tsang, Maggie Li T: "笑看風雲變"
(Andy Hui & Anita Mui)
Modern drama Official website
28 May The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain
20 Eddie Kwan, Aaron Kwok, Pauline Yeung, Mini Kung T: "年少無情""
(Jacky Cheung & Shirley Kwan)
Ancient action Indirect prequel to 1991's The Zu Mountain Saga.
25 Jun When Things Get Tough
20 Anthony Wong, Kitty Lai, Francis Ng, Aaron Kwok T: "變色感情"
(Paula Tsui)
Modern drama Official website
9 July It Runs in the Family
15 Sean Lau, Stephen Chow, Bryan Leung, Amy Chan T: "暴雨驕陽"
(Kenny Bee)
Modern drama
23 July A Time of Taste
20 Sean Lau, Ekin Cheng, Maggie Siu, Power Chan T: "天意人心"
(Choi Kwok Kuen)
Modern drama
30 Jul Love Snapshot
20 Christopher Wong T: "戀愛快拍"
(Christopher Wong)
Modern drama
20 Aug The Self Within
20 Ng Man Tat, Maggie Chan Gallen Lo, Eddie Cheung, Kiki Sheung T: "藍焰"
(Gallen Lo)
20 Aug Shui Heung Ngai Ching
10 Teresa Mo, Waise Lee T: "為何要分離"
(Dave Wong)
Modern drama
03 Sep The Cop Story
25 Deric Wan, Pauline Yeung, Li Ka Sing T: "無法再傷多半次"
(Cally Kwong)

ST:' "軟軟的心"
(Cally Kwong)

Modern drama Official website
10 Sep One Step Beyond
20 Deric Wan, Fiona Leung, Anita Lee, Michael Tao Ancient drama
17 Sep Priceless Adventure
10 Ha Yu, Elvina Kong, Simon Lui, Dominic Lam T: "同舟共濟"
(Samuel Hui)
ST: "話知你九七"
(Samuel Hui)
Modern drama Official website
1 Oct Friends and Lovers
20 Sheren Tang, Teresa Mo, Francis Ng, Waise Lee, William So T: "我走我路"
(Sally Yeh)
Modern drama Official website
8 Oct The Legend of the Dragon Pearl
20 Deric Wan, Winnie Lau, Joe Cheng T: "男子志高遠"
(Deric Wan)
Modern drama
29 Oct Where I Belong
30 Alex Man, Francis Ng, Kathy Chow, Cutie Mui, Eddie Cheung T: "誰來主宰"
Modern drama Official website
5 Nov The Hunter’s Prey
20 Canti Lau, Gallen Lo, Sheren Tang, Vivian Chow, Eddie Cheung T: "天從人願"
(Andy Lau)
Ancient drama
3 Dec Silken Hands
10 Amy Chan, Poon Fong Fong, Maggie Siu, Gallen Lo, Andy Hui Ancient drama
10 Dec Challenge of Life
30 Leon Lai, Sean Lau, Frankie Lam, Monica Chan T: "人在邊緣"
(Leon Lai)
Modern drama Official website
17 Dec The Serpentine Romance
20 Maggie Siu, Maggie Chan T: "秋意中等我"
(Andy Lau & May Ng)
Ancient drama
24 Dec The Witness of Time
30 Ekin Cheng, Anthony Wong T: "人在風雨中"
(Dave Wong)
Modern drama
An Elite's Choice
20 Canti Lau, Eddie Cheung, Maggie Siu T: "還有明天"
(Cally Kwong)
Costume drama

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