List of Trinity Blood Characters - The Rosenkreuz Orden - Dietrich Von Lohengrin

Dietrich Von Lohengrin

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese), Justin Cook (English)

Born 3042, Dietrich joined the Orden at the age of 7, and by the age of 10 he had earned a high ranking position. Before joining the Orden, he was the son of the Duke of Germanicus. As a child, he was avoided for his unusual intelligence, and his evil nature. It was for this reason that his father tried to kill him. He failed, and Dietrich killed him along with the rest of his family. After slaughtering his family, Dietrich took over as ruler, and continued living in his home. He continued terrorizing the villagers, until the day he met Cain and Isaak, and joined the Rosenkreuz Orden. Dietrich is the only known Terran in the Orden, and believes that his involvement has a great purpose for the world.

He is extremely beautiful and is said to have the face of an angel but the heart of the devil. Known and feared for his extreme sadism, Dietrich seems to view the world and people in it as his personal toys for use to relieve his constant boredom. After meeting Esther Blanchett, he seems to develop a mild obsession with her, delighting in taunting her and calling her name whenever he is around her. That does not stop him from sending Ion into a blood thirst while he's locked up with Esther in the dungeons below the palace. He then gives Esther the option of dying at Ion's hands or killing Ion to save herself.

Dietrich, also known as the Marionettenspieler (Puppet Master), is the creator of the Order's foot soldiers, which he affectionately refers to as Death Hunters. In the anime these puppets are vampire corpses that are controlled using a lost technology that utilizes thin string-like living fibers transplanted on the skin. Once fused into the nervous system, the fibers sends out electrical impulses which allows the "puppeteer" to control his victim's nervous system and senses. In the novels they are undead cyborgs resurrected using lost technology. However his living fibers' ability to be used on living beings as well is found in both versions; this power forces the person under his control to perform tasks against their will and feel sensations such as pain and sexual stimulation. Despite his skills with Lost Technology, it is said that his most fearsome trait is his ability to play with the hearts of other people.

In the anime series, Dietrich fails to gain control of a rocket during a mission in Albion and Cain kills him for his failure. However, this does not happen in the novels, as Dietrich survives. In the manga, he is threatened with torture after his failure to activate a nuclear weapon underneath Byzantium; evidently not due to said failure but because he mouthed-off to Isaak.

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