List of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes

List Of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes

The following is a list of episodes in the Transformers series, Transformers: Cybertron. It chronicles the adventures of the Autobots, as they battle the Decepticons and attempt to claim the four Cyber Planet Keys.

The series uses four pieces of theme music. For the first twenty-seven episodes of the series "Call You - Kimi to Boku no Mirai " by Shinji Kakijima is used for the opening theme and "Itsumo" by Tomoka Issei is used for the ending theme. The remaining episodes use "Ignition!" by CHINO for the opening theme and "Growing Up" by Shinji Kakijima for the Ending theme. In the English dub of the series, all of the original ending themes are removed, with the song "Transformers: Cybertron Theme" by Paul Oakenfold used for both the opening and ending in all episodes.

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List Of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes - Fourth Story Arc: Episodes 41-52
... Team 3 is Cybertron Defense Team ... Sideways and Soundwave were discovered by the Cybertron Defense Team and decided to tell them of why they are searching for the Key ... Soundwave counters saying that they will feel the same when Cybertron is destroyed ...

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