List of Tracey Takes On Episodes - Episode List - Specials (1996-1998)

Specials (1996-1998)

Title Original airdate #
"The Best of Tracey Takes On..." April 3, 1996 1
Linda's car crash. Rayleen acts as Linda's stunt double. Midge has problems showing her affections for Chris publicly. Mrs. Noh Ning compares romance to the donut. Chic recalls the 70's complete with platform shoes, pooka beads and mood rings. Fern and Harry host a Wild West charity event, which ends up being canceled when a cure for the disease is found. Hope expresses her feelings on charity using charts. Kay recalls a meeting with a notorious Colombian drug lord. Virginia and Timmy host a luncheon for Her Royal Highness. Fern's idea of royalty is Steve and Edie, the King and Queen of good, clean music. Sydney compares lawyers past to lawyers present and tells us how fame has come to the legal profession. Trevor is approached by a coworker and asked to father her child... Barry is not happy. Ruby talks about getting a mammogram. Hope fantasizes over a college student.

"Best of II" May 28, 1997 2
Her Royal Highness meets Tracey Ullman and fulfills both their fantasies when they each tell what they think of the other. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning has eel for lunch. Ruby is surprised to find out that her great-granddaughter is African-American. . Chic lets it be known that he has certain illegal commodities for sale. Trevor recalls the day Nelson Mandela made the cabin truly "first class." Fern's husband Harry gets offered a part in a Rap music video. Rayleen reveals that she was raised by dingoes. Fern and her friend, Jobie, discuss how not to have sex. Trevor has a flashback to the day he discovered Doris Day was more appealing than sports and his Dad knew he was different. Birdie and her daughter are off to attend the "We Hate Hillary (Clinton) Club." Linda Granger, a recovering sexaholic, falls of the wagon. Sydney admits that she is a sexual being as well a workaholic lawyer. Ruby's is kidnapped by aliens and has a tête-à-tête aboard a space ship or did she just imagine it? With Kay needing to care for her sick mother she explains why she only watches videos. Fern and her husband, Harry, invest in an ostrich farm. Janie believes that she is a successful magazine editor because she can predict trends. Ruby is surprised to find out that her great-granddaughter is African-American. Sydney defends a client by singing to the jury. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning admits that she always wanted to tap dance in a big Hollywood musical. Linda dances to "VIP Vicki" at the club "Stage 24."

"Best of III" June 4, 1998 3
Chic discusses his national sport - bladder ball. Ruby gets involved with an old flame... but this time he's the one that gets burnt. Trevor loses some hair but improves his sex life. Janie tells us how anti-depressants gave her a sexual root canal. Kay smokes her Mother's dope and then goes south of the border. Hope's smoking is a "monkey on her back." Janie is up against her childhood nemesis, and this time she's gonna win. Sheneesha tells us how a black woman ages better than a white woman does. Sydney reveals an surprising passion for 'Riverdancing'. Birdie 'loses' the family dog for letting loose a stream of 'Satan's lemonade' one too many times. Fern receives a fatal marriage proposal. Linda blames that first cigarette for the dysfunction and excesses that have plagued her life... her audience is not amused. Her Royal Highness is introduced to the now 'uninteresting' McCauley Culkin. Sydney convinces Kay to marry a client of hers on death row, so that she can plead leniency... It doesn't work. Ruby tells us how she was a secret agent in the McCarthy era. Linda talks about marriage(s) but only gets up to her husbands pre-1981.

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