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Ezra The Mad

Jorsin Alkestes' friend and a mage almost as powerful as (and probably more skilled than) Jorsin. Ezra vanished in the Iaosian Forest which was later called Ezra's Wood, battling the Dark Hunter. He became immortal and resides in the Antechamber of Mystery where the bearers of the black ka'kari come after being killed. His battle against the Dark Hunter continues. The only time that Ezra is free of the Dark Hunter's influence is when it is asleep. Ezra appears to have a limited time that he is able to spend in the Antechamber of Mystery as he tells Kylar that restoring the arm that he lost will cost him time. He also refers to it when telling Kylar how he can appear to him outside of the Antechamber of Mystery. It also seems that Ezra can trade some of his remaining time in order to give extra time to those who pay the Ka'kari's price for bringing Kylar back to life (the fact that one of Kylar's loved ones die each time he perishes as the Night Angel). Also known as The Wolf.

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