List of The Night Angel Trilogy Characters - Antagonists - King Aleine "Niner" Gunder IX

King Aleine "Niner" Gunder IX

King Aleine comes to power after his predecessor, King Davin, passes on. Known to the citizens as "Niner", he is very paranoid and weak minded, with the amusing ability to know only variations of the word shit when cursing. During the celebration before the Khalidoran coup, Durzo poison his drink with a potion that makes him laugh continuously, leading the rest of the nobles to discover they have been poisoned as well. Due to the death of Prince Aleine by Trudana Jadwin, he makes Logan the Crown Prince and gives him his daughter Jenine in marriage. In the ensuing confusion as the Khalidoran's attack, Niner forbids the royal guard from protecting Logan and Jenine, leading General Agon to behead him so Logan can be protected.

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