List of Tallest Buildings in Little Rock

List Of Tallest Buildings In Little Rock

The skyline of Little Rock began to emerge in 1968 with the construction of Worthen Bank (now Bank of America), and Union National Bank. Worthen was topped out at 375 feet and Union National at 331 feet making them both taller than the Tower Building which was 300 feet and the tallest building up to that time.

In 1975, First National Bank, now Regions Bank, was topped out at 454 feet and 30 stories.

In 1986, both the TCBY Tower, at 547 feet and 40 stories and the Rogers building, at 365 feet and 25 stories, were under construction and completed. The TCBY Tower was later renamed the Metropolitan National Bank Tower.

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List Of Tallest Buildings In Little Rock - Tallest Buildings
... Floors Year Notes 1 Metropolitan National Bank Tower 547 / 1986 ... Tallest building in Little Rock and the state of Arkansas since its completion in 1986. 2 Regions Center 454 / 1975 ... Tallest building in Little Rock from 1975-1986. 3 Bank of America Plaza 375 / 1970 ... Tallest building in Little Rock from 1970-1975 ...

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