List of Songs Based On Poems

List Of Songs Based On Poems

This is a list of songs of any genre that take a significant portion of their lyrics from poems or poetic works. This is not intended to cover poetry readings with musical backdrops, songs that allude to poems, or works always intended to be songs.

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List Of Songs Based On Poems - Miscellaneous
... The Little Man Who Wasn't There", from poem "Antigonish" "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" is a translation of the Irish poem "Táim Sínte ar do Thuama" "Strange Fruit" by Lewis Allan (Abel Meeropol) "Do Not Go ... John of the Cross) Donovan has set many poems to music in addition to the ones already mentioned The album H.M.S ... Donovan includes several poems from One Hundred Poems for Children compiled by Herbert Strang "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll "Walrus and the ...

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