List of Socialist Countries

List Of Socialist Countries

This is a list of countries, past and present, that declared themselves socialist either in their names or their constitutions, regardless of the type of economic systems they had. No other criteria are used; thus, some or all of these countries may not fit any specific definition of socialism. Their only common feature is using the label "socialist" for themselves, under any interpretation. There are few, if any, definitions of socialism that could fit all the countries on this list. However, most definitions of socialism fit at least some of these countries at some points in their histories.

There are many countries that have been ruled by socialist political parties for extended periods of time without ever adopting socialism as an official ideology in their names or constitutions. Such countries are not listed here. However, see the article on the Socialist International for an up-to-date list of countries that are currently ruled by member parties of the SI (the largest present day organization of socialist political parties).

Conversely, there are some countries that maintain constitutional references to socialism without being currently ruled by a socialist political party. Those countries are included on this list.

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List Of Socialist Countries - Ephemeral
... during wars or revolutions (mostly in the aftermath of World War I) and declared themselves to be socialist under some interpretation of the term, but did not survive long enough to create a ... Alsace Soviet Republic (November 9–22, 1918) Asturian Socialist Republic (October 5–18, 1934) Azerbaijan People's Government (November 1945 – December 1946) Bavarian Soviet Republic (April 6 – May 3, 1919 ...

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