List of Sea Quest DSV Episodes - Unproduced Episodes

Unproduced Episodes

Title Original airdate Production Episode #
"Friends in High Places" Unaired/Unproduced #68902 N/A
The seaQuest takes place in a war games exercise. However, when the opposing ship launches a live torpedo at seaQuest, Captain Bridger discovers that the perpetrator's motives are part of a plan to expose Cuban war crimes from twenty years past.
"A Place Called Armageddon" Unaired/Unproduced #68912 N/A
A routine mission is soon interrupted by an emergency communique from the UEO that the world had been plunged into total nuclear war and that the seaQuest may be the only ship left in the fleet. As the crew deals with the prospect of global annihilation, the deaths of their families, and the condemnation of remaining aboard the seaQuest, a visiting scientist soon begins stirring up the emotions of the jilted crew.
"In Father's Footsteps" Unaired/Unproduced 314 58
On a mission at Dr. Lawrence Wolenczak's classified underwater research base, Lucas discovers evidence that his father may still be alive in cryostasis, three years after taking the experimental science vessel Orpheus deep into a magma chamber. Determined to learn if his father has survived, Lucas disobeys Captain Hudson's orders and sets out to find him. However, the Chaodai have also become interested in Dr. Wolenczak's work and plot to intercept the seaQuest team.
"Depths of Deceit" Unaired/Unproduced 315 59
Captain Hudson's father becomes entangled in a coup d'├ętat by President Bourne to gain total control of Deon International, which has developed a new kind of space weapons platform; one that can obliterate the seaQuest from orbit. Meanwhile, General Stassi conspires with Hudson's father and Larry Deon in order to gain control of Macronesia. Beneath the sea, an old friend of Hudson's assumes command of seaQuest and instigates war with Macronesia.
"About Face" Unaired/Unproduced 317 61
Captain Hudson is abducted by Macronesia and conditioned to believe that he is an enemy spy who has been surgically altered to resemble the real Captain Hudson with a mission to infiltrate the seaQuest. However, Hudson's abduction brings him the one thing he never had in his real life; a home and a loving family. The script for this episode was never completed.
"The Horizon Crew" Unaired/Unproduced 318 62 (unknown)
This episode was written and was to be directed by Jonathan Brandis. Plot details are unknown.
"The Vault" Spec Script N/A N/A
While seaQuest puts into drydock for forty-eight hours, Lieutenant O'Neill, Lucas, Dagwood and Dr. Perry are assigned to a dangerous mission.

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