List of Rulers of Waterford

List Of Rulers Of Waterford

The Vikings, who had created a longphort near Waterford in 853, finally settled and created a town in 914. These were led by Ottir Iarla. Ragnall ua Ímair then installed himself over them in 917, however leaving a year later to Britain, with Ottir, and presumably placing a deputy in control. Dates and names source. (Dates are extrapolated from known births, deaths and successions. The list of Viking kings is unlikely to be exhaustive.) Several of the 11th century Norse kings, the descendants of Ivar of Waterford (died 1000), were both allied to and vassals of the powerful O'Brien dynasty, with whom they may also have been intermarried, and who in at least one case in the 1070s (Diarmait, son of Toirrdelbach Ua Briain) exercised direct rule over the small city.

  1. Ottir Iarla (914-917)
  2. Ragnall ua Ímair (917-920/1)
  3. Ivar of Waterford (?-1000), probably a grandson of Ragnall
  4. Ragnall (1003-1018) (Date of death)
  5. Imar (1018-1022)
  6. Ragnall (1022) (or -1035)
  7. Sitric (1022-?)
  8. Cumana (?-1038)
  9. Wadter (?-?)
  10. Ragnall (?-1170)
  11. O’Faoláin (?-1170)

The fate of the Waterford Norse is uncertain after the Norman invasion. Forced out of their own city, they are recorded occupying some of the surrounding countryside for a period afterwards. Also uncertain is how long the Uí Ímair continued to provide rulers.

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