List of Robotech Vehicles - Spaceships - SDF-3

This section specifically deals with Robotech continuity. See the article about the SDF-1 for more general information from both Macross and Robotech.

The SDF-3 is the third Super Dimensional Fortress of the United Earth Forces, and was first introduced in Robotech II: The Sentinels (1986). In recent comics, it was identified by name as the Pioneer, and was rebuilt as a "Shadow Dimensional Fortress." It is commanded by Admiral Lisa Hunter, and later by her husband, Admiral Rick Hunter. In 2022, the SDF-3 was launched as the flagship of the Pioneer Expedition on a mission to find the Robotech Masters Homeworld to try and prevent another war on Earth. The mission, which would take many unexpected turns and face unimaginable challenges, would last 22 years.

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List Of Robotech Vehicles - Spaceships - SDF-3 - Mysterious Disappearance
... In the final episode of the original Robotech series, audiences anticipated the return of the SDF-3, but were left hanging by its mysterious disappearance ... Robotech The Shadow Chronicles, it was revealed that the SDF-3 had been attempting to test-fire the new Neutron-S missiles ... These malfunctioned badly as a result of design sabotage, seriously damaging the SDF-3 and the science vessel Deukalion, and creating a black hole ...