List of Recurring Tugs Characters - Supporting - Izzy Gomez

Izzy Gomez

Izzy is a large tramp steamer who regularly visits Bigg City Port with items such as bananas from Puerto Grande. He wears a large sombrero, has a thin moustache, and speaks with a Mexican accent. He is a rogue, but not a villain like the Z-Stacks. Trampers are required to be towed into port, and coming in without is illegal. He does not like having to pay for a tow though, and makes futile attempts to persuade both Star Tugs and Z-Stacks to tow him in for free, or for a cheap price.

In "Ghosts", he gets a free tow from Zorran, as the latter is afraid of some recent haunting events. In "Warrior", he attempts to come in without a tow, but runs aground. He redeems himself by testifying on Sunshine's behalf when the latter was accused of sabotaging a liner docking operation.

He is voiced by Mike Mulloy. In Salty's Lighthouse, his voice is provided by French Tickner, and has an American accent instead of a Mexican one, despite having the sombrero.

Izzy's model makes some appearances in Thomas & Friends but without the large hat and moustache face.

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