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Hercules (#6) is an ocean-going tug who is tasked with escorting large vessels to port, or answering distress calls at sea. He is in charge of large operations and important contracts. He makes occasional appearances in the series.

His hull and superstructure resemble Hercules, a 1907 ocean-going tug built in New Jersey and operating in San Francisco. Chris Tulloch notes that the Hercules model was about 36 inches long. His face has sideburns.

Hercules is a cool-headed fighter who speaks in a clear, soft English accent. He is not bothered by the antics of the Z-Stacks or Bluenose- he simply brushes off their jibes and orders. He is highly regarded by the harbour tugs; even Zorran knows that he cannot win a confrontation with him. But there is a softer side to his character- he has a sense of humour, as demonstrated in the episode "Ghosts", and refers to his comrades as "ma' dears", "darling", and "sweetheart". He is in love with Lillie Lightship.

He is voiced by Nigel Anthony. In Salty's Lighthouse, he is voiced by Long John Baldry.

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