List of Punk Rock Bands, 0–K - D


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
Daggermouth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2004-08
Dag Nasty Washington, D.C., United States 1985–92
Daisy Chainsaw London, England, UK 1989–95
Damage New York, New York, USA 1983-88
The Damned London, England 1976–present Believed to be the first UK punk band to release an album. Pioneers of the gothic rock genre.
Dance Hall Crashers Berkeley, California, USA 1987-95, 1997–present
Darby Crash Band Los Angeles, California, USA 1980
Darkbuster Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1996–present
Darkthrone Kolbotn, Norway 1987–present Originally a black metal band, a major stylistic shift to crust punk occurred in 2006.
Dayglo Abortions Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1979–present A hardcore punk band.
d.b.s. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1992–2001 A melodic punk rock band, whose later work incorporated post-hardcore.
De Lyckliga Kompisarna Stockholm, Sweden 1989–97, 2008
The Dead Boys Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1976–2005 Known for their outlandish gigs at New York's CBGB's and Max's Kansas City.
Dead Kennedys San Francisco, California, USA 1978–86, 2001–present A highly influential political hardcore punk band.
Dead Milkmen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1983–95, 2004, 2008 A comedic punk band who often used satirical lyrics.
Dead Swans Brighton, England, UK 2006–present
Dead to Me Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1983–95, 2004, 2008 An Amiercan satirical punk band.
Death Detroit, Michigan, USA 1971–76, 2009 An early American punk/protopunk band from 1970s.
Death Before Dishonor Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2000–present
Death by Stereo Orange County, California USA 1996–present
Deep Wound Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 1982-84
Defeater Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2004–present
Defiance Portland, Oregon, USA 1993–present
Defiance, Ohio Columbus, Ohio, USA 2002–present An underground folk punk band.
The Demics London, Ontario, Canada 1977-80
Derozer Vicenza, Italy 1989–2008 An influential Italian punk rock band.
Descendents Manhattan Beach, California, USA 1978–83, 1984–89, 1995–97, 2002–present A pioneer of pop punk, whose career has largely been dictated by the coming and going of lead singer Milo Aukerman.
Destine Tilburg, Netherlands 2006–present An emo pop punk band from the Netherlands.
Destroy! Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1988-94 Crust punk band.
The Destructors Peterborough, UK 1977-84 UK punk band who featured Gizz Butt of The Prodigy
Devo Akron, Ohio, USA 1972–present Early songs featured punk rock, mixed with synthesizers.
The Devotchkas Long Island, New York, USA 1996–2001
Dezerter Warsaw, Poland 1981–present One of the most popular Polish punk bands.
D.I. Orange County, California, USA 1982–95, 1997–present A band featuring members of The Adolescents and Social Distortion.
The Dicks Austin, Texas, USA 1982–84, 2004–present A hardcore punk band that incorporates blues rock.
The Dickies San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California USA 1977–present One of the first-wave of Los Angeles punk bands.
The Dictators New York City, USA 1973–present
Die Mannequin Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2005-present
The Diffs Los Angeles, California, USA 2003–present
Dillinger Four Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1994–present
The Dils Carlsbad, California, USA 1977-80
The Diodes Toronto, Canada 1977-82, 1998, 2007, 2010
DIRT England 1980–1986, 1992 An anarchist crust punk band on Crass Records.
Dirty District Sèvres, France 1985–1996
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Houston, Texas, USA 1982–present A crossover thrash band.
Discharge Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England 1977–87, 1991–95, 2001–present Street punk band that single-handedly created the genre "D-Beat".
Disclose Kōchi City, Japan
Discount Vero Beach, Florida, USA 1995-2002
Disfear Nyköping, Sweden 1989–present A Swedish D-beat crust punk group.
Disorder Bristol, England 1980–present
Disrupt Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1987–1994
Distemper Moscow, Russia 1989–present A Russian ska punk band.
The Distillers Los Angeles, California, USA 1998–2006 An American punk band led by Brody Dalle.
División Minúscula Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1996–present
DMZ Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1976-78, 1993, 2001-03
D.O.A. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1978–present An early Canadian political hardcore band that still performs today.
Dog Eat Dog Bergen County, New Jersey, USA 1990–present A Christian punk band.
Dog Faced Hermans Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1986-95
Doggy Style Fullerton, California, USA 1983-88, 2009–present
Dogsflesh Teesside, England 1982–85, 2005–present A UK82 punk band.
Dogwood Escondido, California, USA 1993–present
Donots Ibbenbüren, Germany 1993–present
Doom Birmingham, West Midlands, England 1987–90, 1992–2005
Down by Law USA 1990–present
downset. Los Angeles, California, USA 1989–2009
Down to Nothing Richmond, Virginia, USA 2000–present
Drabness Motala, Sweden 1994-98
The Draft Gainesville, Florida, USA 2006–present
The Dreams Tórshavn, Faroe Islands 2006–present
Dresden 45 Houston, Texas, USA 1985-93
Driller Killer Malmö, Sweden 1993–present
Dr. Know Oxnard, California, USA 1981–present A nardcore band fronted by child star Brandon Cruz.
Dropdead Providence, Rhode Island, USA 1990–present A hardcore punk who draw on crust punk, powerviolence, D-beat, and thrashcore.
Dropkick Murphys Quincy, Massachusetts, USA 1996–present A Celtic punk/Oi! band.
Drunk Injuns San Jose, California, USA 1983–present
The Ducky Boys Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1995–present A street punk band from Boston.
The Dumb Fox Lodi, California, USA 2007–present A power pop/punk rock band.
Dwarves Chicago, Illinois, USA 1986–present Formerly a garage punk band then a notorious scum punk band; now known for their irreverent attitude and diverse punk sound.
DYS Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1983–93
Dystopia Orange County, California, USA 1991-2008

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