List of Popular Music Genres

This is a list of the commercially relevant genres in modern popular music. Styles that are not contemporary or commercially marketed in substantial numbers have been excluded, in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Art music: classical music and opera. However Art Music, with the exception of opera, is not usually classified as popular music but as Western Art Music instead.
  2. Music written for the score of a play, musicals, operetta, zarzuela, film or similar: Filmi, incidental music, video game music, music hall songs and showtunes.
  3. Ballroom music: tango, pasodoble, cha cha cha and others.
  4. Religious music: gospel, Gregorian chant, spirituals, hymns and the like.
  5. Military music, marches, national anthems and related compositions.
  6. Regional and national musics with no significant commercial impact abroad, except when a version of an international genre: Traditional music, folk, oral traditions, sea shanties, work songs, nursery rhymes, Arabesque, Chalga, Flamenco and indigenous music.

Applicable styles are classified in this list using Allmusic genre categorisation.

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