List of Oregon Shipwrecks - Central Oregon Coast

Central Oregon Coast

Name Date Wrecked Vessel Type Location Notes
Samuel Roberts 06 Aug 1850 schooner Reedsport
Bostonian 01 Oct 1850 Reedsport Owned by a man named Gardiner, much of the vessel was salvaged and used in the building of the town of Gardiner, Oregon.
Almira 09 Jan 1852 brig Reedsport
Juliet 00 Mar 1852 Newport
Nassau 22 Jul 1852 schooner Reedsport
Roanoke 02 Feb 1853 brig Reedsport
Joseph Warren 25 Nov 1853 barque Newport
Fawn 21 Nov 1856 brig Florence
Blanco 00 Jan 1864 brig Lincoln City
Cornelia Terry 13 Oct 1864 schooner Newport Oyster pirate vessel. Sank while being pursued by Annie G. Doyle.
Ork 24 Nov 1864 barque Reedsport
Annie G. Doyle 11 Mar 1865 schooner Newport Ran aground at nearly the same location as the pirate vessel Cornelia Terry, which it had pursued half a year prior.
Enterprise 20 Feb 1873 sternwheeler Reedsport Engines salvaged and installed on the vessel Beaver
John Hunter 00 Jan 1873 Newport No further information.
Meldon 16 Mar 1873 schooner Reedsport
Bobolink 00 Oct 1873 schooner Reedsport Salvaged, but later lost at Mendocino, California.
Sparrow 04 Dec 1875 schooner Reedsport
Lizzie 16 Feb 1876 schooner Newport
Caroline Medeau 05 Apr 1876 schooner Newport
Phil Sheridan 15 Sep 1878 schooner Reedsport Run into by the steamer Ancon.
Olivia Schultze 28 Apr 1880 schooner Florence
Tacoma 29 Jan 1883 steamship Reedsport
Phoebe Fay 16 Apr 1883 schooner Newport
Ona 26 Sep 1883 steam schooner Newport
Beda 17 Mar 1886 steam schooner Yachats
Emma Utter 00 Dec 1886 Florence
Yaquina City 04 Dec 1887 steamship Newport Sister ship of the Yaquina Bay. Lost a year later at the same spot, effectively ruining the vessel owners, the Oregon Development Co.
Yaquina Bay 09 Dec 1888 steam schooner Newport
Alaskan 13 May 1889 Sidewheeler Depoe Bay While sailing to San Francisco from the Columbia River, the Alaskan ran into bad weather and the river going vessel began to fall apart from the stress off Cape Foulweather.
Fearless 20 Nov 1889 tugboat Reedsport Formerly a brig named the Star of China. Ran aground in 1873, refloated, and converted into a tugboat. Loss not discovered until the next day when debris and one survivor washed ashore. However, he perished before he could reveal the final fate of the Fearless.
Struan 25 Dec 1890 Tillamook
Maggie Ross 08 Dec 1891 steamship Newport
St. Charles 17 May 1892 Depoe Bay
Mary Gilbert 17 Dec 1894 schooner Waldport
Bandorville 21 Nov 1895 steamship Reedsport
Volante 07 Mar 1896 steamship Newport Burned in Yaquina Bay in Newport.
Truckee 18 Nov 1897 steamship Reedsport
Atalanta 17 Nov 1898 clipper Seal Rock Ran into a reef while coasting along the shore.
Nettie Sundberg 28 Dec 1902 schooner Florence
Charles Nelson 00 Nov 1903 steam schooner Florence
Ocean Spray 20 Nov 1903 schooner Florence
Alice Kimball 12 Oct 1904 schooner Florence
Quickstep 24 Nov 1904 barquentine Newport
Bella 25 Nov 1905 schooner
Alpha 03 Feb 1907 schooner Reedsport
Berwick 13 Mar 1908 schooner Florence
J. Marhoffer 22 Apr 1910 steam schooner Depoe Bay Caught fire off Newport, and drifted north, eventually grounding at what is now Boiler Bay. Boiler Bay was named after the discarded boiler from the J. Marhoffer
Wilhelmina 22 Jan 1911 gas schooner Reedsport
Pilgram 00 Jan 1912 sloop Newport
Condor 17 Nov 1912 cargo ship Waldport
Frederick 14 Apr 1914 barge Florence
Hugh Hogan 28 Apr 1914 schooner Florence Refloated and renamed as the Ozmo.
Graywood 02 Oct 1915 steam schooner Reedsport
Anvil 11 Apr 1917 Florence
Washtucna 17 Aug 1922 barge Reedsport
Admiral Nicholson 16 May 1924 steam schooner Reedsport Ran aground while towing the disabled G.C. Lindauer.
G.C. Lindauer 16 May 1924 steam schooner Reedsport Had a history of wrecks prior to final loss at Reedsport. Came loose and lost soon after the towing Admiral Nicholson wrecked.
Yaquina 20 Feb 1935 patrol boat Newport Coast guard patrol boat. Lost while attempting to aid the crew of a barge caught on the Yaquina Bar.
Parker #2 26 Feb 1935 dredge Newport
Dorothy Joan 13 Sep 1945 Newport
Etta Kay 11 Dec 1946 schooner Newport
John Aspin 22 Apr 1948 cargo ship Newport As of 1986, portions of her hull were still visible at low tide.
Helori 21 Dec 1949 oil screw Reedsport
L.H. Coolidge 20 Aug 1951 tugboat Yachats Ran aground at Bandon. While under tow to the Columbia River by the Salvage Chief, she came loose and sank of the coast at Yachats.
Captain Ludvig 25 Jun 1953 Newport
Blue Magpie 19 Nov 1983 cargo ship Newport
New Carissa 04 Feb 1999 cargo ship Waldport Half of the ship. This half was beached before being towed off and sunk by Navy. The other half is at Coos Bay. The ship broke apart at Coos Bay, with the rear portion drifting North.

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