List of Numbered Roads in Greater Sudbury

This page lists all of the numbered municipal roads in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Municipal roads in Greater Sudbury are generally numbered with odd numbers for east-west routes and even numbers for north-south routes.

The city of Greater Sudbury is the only census division in Northern Ontario that maintains a system of numbered roads. County or municipal road systems otherwise exist only in Southern Ontario; in the rest of the Northern region, provincially-maintained secondary highways serve a similar function. Several of the city's municipal roads were also numbered as secondary highways prior to the creation of the current municipal road system in 1973.

Prior to the amalgamation of the current city of Greater Sudbury, the numbered road system was maintained by the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, and the roads were designated as regional, rather than municipal, roads.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
3 Bay Street MR 4 MR 55 Whitefish Crosses over but does not interchange with Highway 17, just east of the Highway 17/MR 55 intersection.
4 Fairbank Lake Road Highway 17 Intersection of Wickie Road and Park Road Worthington Travels through the ghost town of Victoria Mines. Formerly Highway 658
5 Spanish River Road municipal boundary with township of Nairn and Hyman RR 4 in Worthington Turbine An alternate route to RR 55 and Highway 17, also links RR 4 and RR 3 to Highway 17. At the western city limits, the roadway continues as McIntyre Street in Nairn Centre.
8 Nickel Street, Third Avenue, Mine Street Highway 144 Mine Road Onaping, Levack Main road into Onaping and Levack. Formerly Highway 544
10 Panache Lake Road marina at Lake Panache MR 55 Whitefish Formerly Highway 549
12 Pilon Crescent, Simmons Road, Gordon Lake Road MR 13 Highway 144 Larchwood Gordon Lake Road (MR 12) ends at Vermilion Lake Road (MR 13) near the Vermilion River bridge and continues south as a private road known as the Lockerby Mine Access Road to MR 3 near Whitefish.
13 Vermilion Lake Road Brosseau Street Highway 144 Larchwood, Hull Listed as Ontario's Worst Road in October 2007.
14 Errington Avenue, Main Street Highway 144 MR 15 Chelmsford
15 Municipal Road 15, Main Street Intersection of Highway 144 and MR 35 MR 80 Chelmsford, Val-Caron Formerly Highway 634
18 Montée Rouleau, Gagnon Street MR 35 MR 15 Azilda
21 Notre-Dame Street MR 35 MR 35 Azilda Travels through the community of Azilda
24 Municipal Road 24 MR 55 Highway 144 Lively Passes by the ghost town of Creighton Mine. Formerly Highway 536
30 Power Street, Godfrey Drive, Clarabelle Mine Road (Clarabelle Mill Road) MR 55 MR 35 Copper Cliff The Clarabelle Mine Rd., or known as "Clarabelle Mill Road" segment is owned and maintained by Vale Inco. The road has recently been closed to the public in the spring of 2007.
32 Balsam Street MR 55 MR 30 Copper Cliff
34 Big Nickel Mine Road Interchange with MR 55 MR 35 Gatchell/Little Britain Big Nickel is located on this road; effectively a two-lane freeway as it has no intersections except its termini and the entrance to Dynamic Earth. Listed on new eastbound signage on MR 55 as Big Nickel Road. On May 7, 2004 the Big Nickel Mine Rd. bridge collapsed on a roadway below known as Lorne Street during the reconstruction of the bridge. No one was hurt in the incident.
35 Elm Street MR 55 Intersection of Highway 144 and MR 15 Chelmsford, Azilda, Downtown Former routing of Highway 144, until opening of the city's Northwest Bypass in 1986. Historic Murray Mine site located on this road. A section of Municipal Road 35 between the eastern intersection of Notre-Dame Street (Municipal Road 21) in Azilda to Highway 144 in Chelmsford is currently a two-lane highway. There are plans to widen that section of highway, although no date has been announced.
37 Kelly Lake Drive, Southview Drive, Bouchard Drive MR 55 MR 46 Lockerby/Robinson
38 Regent Street, Beatty Street Intersection with MR 55 and MR 46 Intersection with MR 42 and MR 58 Little Britain Basically an extension of MR 46 and MR 58
39 Ramsey Lake Road MR 80 Kirkwood Drive south shore of Ramsey Lake Science North is located near this road's western terminus at MR 80, while Laurentian University is located near the eastern terminus.
40 Martindale Road Intersection of MR 40, MR 46 and MR 47 MR 55 Robinson Basically an extension of MR 47
42 Turner Avenue, Frood Road, Elm Street MR 71 MR 67 Downtown/Donovan/Northern Heights Has a brief concurrency with MR 55; cannot be fully travelled as a portion of Turner Avenue on CVRD Inco company land has been closed to through traffic. Access road to Frood Mine.
43 Ontario Street, McLeod Street, Hyland Drive MR 40 MR 46 Gatchell to Lake Ramsey
45 York Street MR 46 MR 80 near downtown
46 Regent Street Interchange with Highway 69 and Highway 17 Intersection with MR 55 and MR 38 Lo-Ellen/Four Corners/Lockerby Basically an extension of MR 38
47 Walford Road Intersection of MR 40 and MR 46 MR 80 Lockerby Basically an extension of MR 40
49 Brady Street MR 38 MR 55 Downtown
51 Larch Street MR 67 MR 49 Downtown
53 Cedar Street MR 67 MR 49 Downtown
55 The Kingsway, Old Highway 17, Elm Street, Lorne Street Highway 17, west of Whitefish Highway 17, 3 km west of Coniston Whitefish, Naughton, Lively, Copper Cliff, Gatchell, Downtown, Minnow Lake, Coniston Former alignment of Highway 17. Surrendered this designation in Walden with the construction of freeway alignment in the early 1980s, and in the old city of Sudbury when the Southeast Bypass was constructed in 1995. Is a dual carriageway for part of its length.
58 Kathleen Street Intersection of MR 42 and MR 38 MR 80 Donovan/Flour Mill Basically an extension of MR 38
60 Morin Avenue, Jean Street, MacKenzie Street MR 61 MR 80 Flour Mill
61 Ste-Anne Road Intersection of Mackenzie Street and MR 67 MR 80 Downtown
63 College Street Intersection of 35/55 MR 58 Downtown
66 Barry-Downe Road MR 55 MR 73 New Sudbury Turns into MR 73
67 Elgin Street, Howey Drive, Bancroft Drive, Government Road, Allan Street Intersection with MR 55 and MR 61 MR 55/42 Downtown, Brodie, Minnow Lake, Adamsdale, Coniston
68 Auger Avenue MR 86 MR 71 New Sudbury
70 Bancroft Drive MR 67 MR 55 Minnow Lake
71 LaSalle Boulevard Interchange with MR 35 MR 86 New Sudbury
72 Second Avenue MR 67 Intersection of MR 55 and MR 86 Minnow Lake Continues as MR 86
73 Maley Drive MR 66 MR 86 New Sudbury Turns into MR 66; extension to MR 71 (near Collège Boréal and MR 80) is planned.
74 Moonlight Beach Road MR 67 MR 55 Adamsdale
80 Long Lake Road, Paris Street, Notre-Dame Avenue (Sudbury), Desmarais Road, Kenneth Drive, Notre-Dame Avenue (Hanmer), Côté Boulevard, Capreol Road Intersection of Dew Drop Road and Tilton Lake Road MR 85 Four Corners, Downtown, Val Caron, Val-Thérèse, Hanmer Route from Desmarais Road north to Capreol Road is also informally called "Highway 69 North". It was at one time part of the provincial highway's route, but was downloaded to the Region in the early 1980s. The Long Lake Road portion (from Four Corners to Dew Drop Road) was once Provincial Highway 543.
84 Capreol Road, Selwood Avenue, Milnet Road MR 80 Dead-end in the woods at the Greater Sudbury/Sudbury District border Hanmer, Capreol, Selwood The ghost town of Milnet can easily be reached by turning onto a sideroad and driving for roughly 1 km. Part from Milnet to Selwood Mine was part of Highway 806, and the rest of the road was part of former Highway 545.
85 Radar Road MR 86 MR 80 Hanmer
86 Falconbridge Highway, Skead Road Intersection of MR 55 and 72 Skead New Sudbury, Garson, Skead Has an old diversion (Old Skead Road). Continues as MR 72. Sudbury Airport is located on this road. Formerly Highway 541
88 Elmview Drive MR 80 Dominion Drive Hanmer
89 Longyear Drive MR 86 Edison Road Falconbridge
90 Garson-Coniston Road Highway 17 MR 86 Garson, Coniston
93 Second Avenue MR 67 Highway 17 Coniston
96 Desmarais Road MR 80 Intersection with Nelson Lake Road and Frenchman Lake Road Val Thérèse
97 Capreol Lake Road MR 84 Intersection of 4th Fire Road, 5th Fire Road, and 6th Fire Road, half-way between Capreol and the Wahnapitae 11 Indian Reserve Capreol
537 Municipal Road 537 Highway 537 at Finni Road Highway 17 Wahnapitae Formerly part of Highway 537.

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