List of Non-marine Molluscs of New Zealand

List Of Non-marine Molluscs Of New Zealand

The non-marine molluscs of the country of New Zealand are a part of the molluscan fauna of New Zealand which is a part of biodiversity of New Zealand.

There are ??? species of molluscs living in the wild in New Zealand.

There are a total of ??? species of gastropods, which breaks down to ?? species of freshwater gastropods, and ??? species of land gastropods (??? species of snails and ??? species of slugs), plus ?? species of bivalves living in the wild.

Summary table of number of species
New Zealand
freshwater gastropods ??
land gastropods ??? (??? species of snails and ??? species of slugs)
gastropods altogether ???
bivalves ??
molluscs altogether ???
non-indigenous gastropods in the wild ? freshwater and ? land
non-indigenous synantrop gastropods ?
non-indigenous bivalves in the wild ?
non-indigenous synantrop bivalves ?
non-indigenous molluscs altogether ?

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