List of Non-marine Molluscs of Germany

This list of non-marine molluscs of Germany is a list of the molluscs that live in Germany, except for the marine (saltwater) species. In other words this list includes the land snails and slugs, the freshwater snails and the freshwater clams and mussels.

There are 390 species (including subspecies) of molluscs living in the wild in Germany. In addition there is at least 1 gastropod species that lives only in greenhouses.

There are ??? species of gastropods (69 species of freshwater gastropods, ??? species of land gastropods) and 36 species of bivalves living in the wild.

There are 8 introduced species of gastropods (7 freshwater and 1 land species) and 1 species of non-indigenous bivalve living in the wild in Germany. That makes a total of 8 freshwater non-indigenous species of wild molluscs.

Summary table of number of species
freshwater gastropods 69
land gastropods ???
gastropods altogether ???
bivalves 36
molluscs altogether 390 (including subspecies)
non-indigenous gastropods in the wild 7 freshwater and 1 land
non-indigenous synantrop gastropods 1
non-indigenous bivalves in the wild 1
non-indigenous synantrop bivalves no
non-indigenous molluscs altogether in the wild 9

There are only orders, families and species in the list. The German name is in brackets. Non-indigenous species only occurring greenhouses in Germany are noted separately, below the list.

Main source for the list of freshwater species is book Süsswassermollusken by Glöer & Meier-Brook.

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