List of Non-marine Molluscs of Georgia - Land Gastropods

Land Gastropods

Species of land gastropods of Georgia include:


  • Pontophaedusa funiculum (Mousson, 1856)


  • Drilolestes retowskii (O. Boettger, 1884)
  • Lesticulus nocturnus Schileyko, 1988 - endemic
  • Selenochlamys pallida Boettger, 1883
  • Trigonochlamys imitatrix O. Boettger, 1881


  • Boettgerilla compressa Simroth, 1910
  • Boettgerilla pallens Simroth, 1912


  • Milax caucasicus


  • Deroceras bakurianum


  • Eumilax brandti (Martens, 1880)
  • Gigantomilax lederi (Boettger, 1883)


  • Caucasocressa
  • Circassina frutis frutis, Circassina frutis circassica and Circassina frutis veselyi (subgenus Circassina)
  • Monacha (Monacha) cartusiana (O. F. Muller, 1774) - introduced
  • Monacha (Paratheba) roseni (Hesse, 1914)
  • Monacha (Metatheba) perfrequens (Hesse, 1914)
  • Monacha (Metatheba) subcarthusiana (Lindholm, 1913)


  • Helix goderdziana Mumladze, Tarkhnishvili & Pokryszko, 2008
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