List of My Hero Characters - Janet Dawkins Sunday

Janet Dawkins Sunday

Janet Charlotte Sunday/Dawkins (Emily Joyce) is the voice of sanity, and a nurse in the Northolt Health Centre. She first meets Thermoman when he rescues her from death, after falling into the Grand Canyon whilst on holiday, subsequently beginning to date George after he relocated his shop from Ireland. Although she loves George, she is frequently exasperated and confused by his behaviour. She married George at the end of series 2. She seems to be the only person who can apparently stand Mrs Raven as a friend, and vice versa. Piers Crispin has a crush on her and her mother (whom she resents) disapproves of her marriage to George Sunday and wishes she would get rid of him and marry Piers. She is a very decent woman and dislikes discrimination, with the only prejudice she has ever shown being her difficulty in accepting that 'George Monday' was still essentially the George she had married. George and Janet reside in Flat 59, Linden Court, Jordan Road, Northolt, UB5 3AC.

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