List of Muscles of The Human Body/version 2 - Muscles of Torso - Chest


Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist
intercostales ribs 1-11 ribs 2-12 intercostal arteries intercostal nerves
Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist
external intercostal arteries intercostal nerves Inhalation internal
internal rib - inferior border rib - superior border intercostal arteries intercostal nerves hold ribs steady external
innermost intercostal arteries intercostal nerves
Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist
subcostales inner surface of one rib inner surface of the second or third rib above, near its angle intercostal nerves
transversus thoracis costal cartilages of last 3-4 ribs, body of sternum, xiphoid process ribs/costal cartilages 2-6 intercostal arteries intercostal nerves depresses ribs
levatores costarum Transverse processes of C7 to T12 vertebrae Superior surfaces of the ribs immediately inferior to the preceding vertebrae dorsal rami - C8, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11 Assists in elevation of the thoracic rib cage

serratus posterior:

Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist
inferior vertebrae T11 - L3 the inferior borders of the 9th through 12th ribs intercostal arteries intercostal nerves depress the lower ribs, aiding in expiration
superior nuchal ligament (or ligamentum nuchae) and the spinous processes of the vertebrae C7 through T3 the upper borders of the 2nd through 5th ribs intercostal arteries 2nd through 5th intercostal nerves elevate the ribs which aids in inspiration
Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist
diaphragm |lower six ribs and upper 3 lumbar| |central tendon| Pericardiacophrenic artery, Musculophrenic artery, Inferior phrenic arteries phrenic and lower intercostal nerves respiration

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