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Tadduja "Teddy" Thaur

Tadduja Thaur or Teddy is a 14 year-old Taemin, and one of Zick's friends. He is a show-off, arrogant and boastful to anyone. He sometimes respects Zick, but not Elena that he always call her Potato. He first appears to invite Zick to go hunt monsters in the abandon factory. He helps Zick to defeat Lester the night watchman with his dog Briba and stole the fouler that Zick is about to capture. However, he don't know the correct technique to can the fouler that causes the Dom Box due to the flirt that was created by the Fouler. He appears again to help Zick and Elena to get information to get his father back to normal form the Anguanes. When Emily use him and Elena as a bargain chip by switching their bodies to the other Anguanes. They put aside their difference and manage to break and reserve the spell to revert back to their bodies. He also join with them Drink water Park to find the Mugalak. When they got Breath of Mugalak, he Suddenly betrayed them and steals it. As they were fighting, Teddy accidentally caused the cave to collapse thanks to his Dom Energy while using Zick's sunglasses. He was quickly defeated Zick, and after cave-in his foot got stuck by this. Zick and Elena almost left him behind for betraying, but thinking that he could still be a friend to them someday, Zick helped him along with Elena. The reason for taking the breath is because he wanted to bring his own father, Terrence Thaur, back to normal after being turned into stone, as told by Zick's father. They went to his house and brought back his father to normal. he also get reacquainted with Zick since both family went to Port Reef and to get their fathers to reacquainted too. He also came to find Zick helps find his father when he decide to comfort Magnacat as well as find Zick's father too. He helps Zick's to save Elena and to fought off the skeleton army. He also join with his parent and Zob to fed off an army of dark phantoms during to invasion. He was also stayed all with to other young tamer, while the adult tamers went to Bibbur-Si to repel the invasion. When Zick and Elena decide to go help to save Bibbur-Si along with the monster of the Barrymore house, he and the other tamers join in. When he and Zick found the Horn of Kong, he finds a pendant inside the horn and gave it to Lay. When the Monster-Suar was unleashed by Magnacat and can't control it, he confess where he get the pendant and tries to stop Magnacat but he and Lay knock to a pool by the Monster-Saur.

He likes his fellow Tamer, Lay Mamery, who ignores him because he is immature. However, he is seen flirting with Lay several times.

In the first season, Teddy was second level Tamer with yellow Dom energy. In the second season of the animated series, he became a third level Tamer with green Dom energy, and now quickly a fourth level Tamer with blue Dom energy.

After Terrence is restored, he and his mother, Johanna Tusalech, were happy to see him. Teddy adores his father and thinks of him as a hero, as said by Terrence in issue 13. In issue 22, there is a Tamer named Rudolph Thaur and whether he is related to Teddy or his family in any way is unknown. In the comic series, Teddy did not go with Zick to get the Mugalak's breath but instead, teamed up with Aunt Emily. He betrayed Zick to get a vial full of the breath but in the end, lost the vial. Zick felt sorry and gave Teddy the sponge he used to collect the breath in hopes that it might help his father too. The two became good friends after. He likes lemon sorbet according to the profile in issue 13. From Timothy's point of view (see Teddy's profile in issue 13), Teddy is arrogant and untrustworthy by nature; Teddy is clearly the son of Terrence as he is intelligent but lazy.

Teddy is voiced by Massimo di Benedetto (Italian), Daniel Brochu (English)

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