List of Mobile Suit Gundam Military Units

The anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, set in the fictional Universal Century timeline, is centered around the conflict known as the One Year War between two military factions: the earthbound Earth Federation Forces and the spacebound Principality of Zeon, each utilizing different machines of war. Although the series is famous for its mobile suits, there are other military units like space battleships, carriers, tanks and fighters as well. This is a major break-through in the robot anime at the time where other robot anime preceding this are of the Super Robot genre which introduces robots owned by individual research centres fighting against evil, yet Mobile Suit Gundam introduces robots as weapons of the military units like main battle tanks and fighters. It is also interesting watching the difference between the designs of the weapons, which also tend to represent the context in which the weapons were created, specially in the case of the Zeon, which deploys many designs that were tested in space colonies, which ultimately prove incapable of providing the adequate conditions to test aircraft and other vehicles, and therefore tend to have unusual designs that seem faulty at first glance. On the other hand, the weapons of the EFF, specially the ones for the ground, aerial and naval combat, seem outdated compared with ones deployed by Zeon. This is mainly result of the EFF focusing on fortifying their space forces, which other than mobile suits, are more up to date with Zeon own space forces. Basically, the different types of vehicles can be classified according to their role, whether this is as a spaceship, a landship, aircraft, boat, submarine, tank, etc. Furthermore, not all of them are battleships. Many vehicles are designed for specific functions such as supply transport units, recon units, and in some cases, even as units that work together with mobile suits, providing additional firepower or even the atmospheric flight capacity.

As previously mentioned, the series focus on the use of both mobile weapons, specially mobile suits, and as military weapons, mobile suits also need maintenance, and while this can be provided without a ship, it proves useful to provide it while allowing transportation for them.

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