List of Military Aircraft of The Soviet Union and The CIS - Electronic Combat

Electronic Combat
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
An-12B-PP and An-12BK-IS/-PP/-PPS > 150 1964-date Cub-A/B/C/D Over 150 EW variants produced.
An-26M - ??-?? Curl ELINT; 1398 An-26 built in all variants.
An-26RM/RTR/RR 42+ ??-date Curl-B SIGINT/COMINT variants.
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
Il-20RT - 1978-date Coot-A ELINT variant.
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
MiG-25RB - ??-?? Foxbat ELINT variants; 1190 MiG-25 built in all variants, including the MiG-25PU and MiG-25RU conversion trainer variants.
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
Su-24MP 12-24 early 1980s-date Fencer-F ELINT variant.
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
Tu-16Ye/P/SPS and "Elka" - ??-1994 Badger-A/H/J/K/L *
Tu-22P 47 ??-?? Blinder-E *
Tu-22MR 20+ 1998?-date Backfire At least 20 converted to this variant.
Tu-95RT 45 1967?-?? Bear-D *
Designation Total In Service NATO Name Remarks
Yak-28PP 120+ 1970-c.1992/94 Brewer-E Escort jammer variant.

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