List of Mexican States By Infant Mortality

The following is the list of infant mortality by states of Mexico, it included all infants under the age of four.

Mexican States by Infant Mortality (2006, Total)
Number State Infant mortality
1 Aguascalientes 52
2 Baja California 145
3 Baja California Sur 26
4 Campeche 21
5 Coahuila 95
6 Colima 29
7 Chiapas 494
8 Chihuahua 231
9 Federal District 312
10 Durango 89
11 Guanajuato 274
12 Guerrero 184
13 Hidalgo 143
14 Jalisco 350
15 Mexico State 766
16 Michoacán 270
17 Morelos 91
18 Nayarit 50
19 Nuevo León 128
20 Oaxaca 320
21 Puebla 468
22 Querétaro 101
23 Quintana Roo 67
24 San Luis Potosí 149
25 Sinaloa 114
26 Sonora 141
27 Tabasco 137
28 Tamaulipas 137
29 Tlaxcala 70
30 Veracruz 444
31 Yucatán 99
32 Zacatecas 78

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