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Jasmine Robinson was an 11 year old red district member from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the subject of a confessional-style interview and sang during episode 8.

Jasmine started acting and singing at the age of 4. She landed her first commercial with Volvo. Although they did not have a part for a 4 year old after she auditioned they wrote her in. She has been in the Toys R US, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Back to School, Halloween and Valentine commercials. She is in the movie The Gospel. She is the co-host for a TV Show called The Fun Farm on The Black Family Channel (BFC Kids TV). She is also co-hosting a radio show at 97.9 WIBB Clear Channel in Macon GA along with her brother. Jasmine is also working on a singing career. As a singer, she is known as QT Jazz of the group QT Possie.

  • Jasmine Robinson at the Internet Movie Database
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