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Ramon (ラモン?) is the human form of the cheerful Basshaa (バッシャー, Basshā?), the 127-year old survivor of the gill-man-like Merman Race (マーマン族, Māman Zoku?). He has a cool yet childish attitude and is able to assume his true form by spinning then snapping his fingers. He can shoot pressurized water bubbles from his mouth and his pupils turn into crosshairs to increase his aim. Basshaa is Castle Doran's housekeeper, assuming the form of a 13-year-old boy in a School Gakuran outfit while using his cunning and telekinetic abilities to mess with his housemates in their games from time to time. In 1986, he lives in human society as a shoeshine boy while aiding Jiro out of common interest, though confused by the Wolfen's methods as he should be in hiding and feeding off of humans in secret. When the parlor he lived in closed, Ramon started to work at the Café mald'amour as a greeter until Jiro left and became a kakigoori seller when Jiro asked for his aid. After becoming unable to kill Otoya to save himself (as per the King's offer), Ramon decides to flee. But he is attacked by the King moments later and sealed into the Basshaa Magnum (バッシャーマグナム, Basshā Magunamu?). This leads to Ramon now aiding Wataru in 2008, his Basshaa Magnum form used by Kiva to assume Basshaa Form (バッシャーフォーム, Basshā Fōmu?).

The word "basshā" (バッシャー?) is a Japanese onomatopoeic sound representation of a splashing effect.

Ramon is portrayed by Yuuki Ogoe (小越 勇輝, Ogoe Yūki?).

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