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Dedekind is a cyberphysician who specializes in replacing cyborg limbs with human limbs that he clones from his patients' DNA using Tipharean technology. After the limbs are grown, they are then transplanted back onto the patients, replacing their cyborg limbs. Most of the patients are women. Dedekind lives in an island mansion which also serves as his clinic and laboratory on a lake near the Tiphares junkyard. He first meets Ido in a bar after the latter is drowning his miseries in drink after learning that he is unfit to become a cyberphysician from Gauss. After working with Ido for six months, he makes him an offer to be his partner, which Ido accepts. After Carol is kidnapped, Ido tracks her to Dedekind's residence, as he is the only other person he knows of who would set up a Christmas tree. Coming across Pakila and the cyborg Carol, Dedekind reveals that the Carol Ido knew was actually Pakila's clone. When she attempts to kill the cyborg Carol with Ido's rocket hammer, Pakila accidentally switches the booster on, slicing Dedekind in two. Ido does not come across another Tipharean in the Scrapyard until he hears of Desty Nova.

His name refers to the German mathematician Richard Dedekind, analogously to Gauss.

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