List of German Inventions and Discoveries - Medicine


  • Alzheimer's disease by Alois Alzheimer
  • Morphine
  • Prontosil by Gerhard Domagk
  • Aspirin by Felix Hoffmann and Arthur Eichengrün
  • Adhesive bandage by Paul Carl Beiersdorf
  • Eucerit and Labello
  • Pressure-sensitive tape by company Beiersdorf
  • Cardiac catheterization by Werner Forssmann
  • X-ray tube
  • tubercle bacillus by Robert Koch
  • Vibrio cholera by Robert Koch
  • Koch's postulates by Robert Koch
  • microscopic pathology by Rudolf Virchow
  • diphtheria antitoxin by Emil Adolf von Behring
  • Luria–Delbrück experiment by Max Delbrück (together with Luria)
  • Arsphenamine by Paul Ehrlich (together with Hata)
  • Intramedullary rod by Gerhard Küntscher
  • Alcohol thermometer by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
  • Homeopathy, discovered by Samuel Hahnemann

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