List of Fruits Basket Episodes - DVD Releases - Region 2 (Europe)

Region 2 (Europe)

Through their deal with FUNimation for subleasing titles, MVM Entertainment released the series to Region 2 DVD in Europe. The series was released as four individual volumes which are identical to those released by Funimation in Region 1. On 14 November 2006, FUNimation announced that MVM would not longer be distributing their titles. Instead, all of their title distribution in the United Kingdom would be handled by Revelation Films. Revelation Films re-released the four individual volumes under their label and released the series box set on 22 January 2007.

However MVM have regained the licence and will be re-releasing the series as a four disc set on February 6, 2012 in the UK.

Title MVM Entertainment Revelation Films
Fruits Basket, Volume 1 5 April 2004 22 January 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 2 7 June 2004 22 January 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 3 9 August 2004 22 February 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 4 20 September 2004 22 February 2007
Fruits Basket Box Set 13 February 2012 22 January 2007

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