List of Evolution-Data Optimized Service Providers

This is a list of Evolution-Data Optimized service providers.

  • ACL - coverage in Malawi.
  • ACS - coverage in Alaska, USA.
  • Alegro PCS - coverage in Ecuador.
  • Alltel - coverage in the United States.
  • Arobase Telecom - coverage in Ivory Coast.
  • Bakrie Telecom- coverage in Indonesia.
  • Bayn - coverage in Morocco.
  • Belcell - coverage in Belarus.
  • Bell Mobility - rev. A coverage in Canada. Sprint from USA roams EVDO on Bell Canada.
  • Bluegrass Cellular - coverage in Central Kentucky, USA.
  • Bourdex - coverage in Nigeria.
  • Broadband Philippines - coverage in the Philippines.
  • BSNL - coverage in India.
  • Canar - coverage in Sudan.
  • Citycell - coverage in Bangladesh.
  • Cellular One - coverage in Bermuda.
  • Cellular South - coverage in Mississippi, USA.
  • CAT Telecom - coverage in Thailand.
  • Centennial Communications - coverage in Puerto Rico.
  • China Telecom - coverage in China. Provides Rev. A network.
  • Claro - coverage in Puerto Rico.
  • Cricket Communications - coverage in select regional areas of the USA. Branded as Cricket Broadband.
  • Embratel - coverage in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • E-Phone - coverage in Vietnam.
  • G-Mobile - coverage in Mongolia.
  • Haitel - coverage in Haiti.
  • HT Mobile - coverage in Vietnam.
  • InterTelecom - coverage in Ukraine.
  • Iusacell - National Coverage in México (And it has EVDO roaming agreement with Sprint).
  • KDDI - coverage over Japan. Currently providing a Rev. A network, the first carrier to do so.
  • KTF - EV-DO service branded as fimm in South Korea.
  • LG Telecom - coverage in Korea. Provides Rev. A network.
  • Manitoba Telecom Services - coverage in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Metro PCS, in limited areas only.
  • Mio Group - EV-DO service called "iNET", coverage in all of the ABC-islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao).
  • Mobile 8 Telecom - coverage in Indonesia.
  • Mobilis - coverage in Algeria.
  • Mobi PCS - coverage in Hawaii, United States.
  • Movicel - coverage in Angola.
  • MTNL - Mumbai and New Delhi (India)
  • MTS M-Blaze - coverage in India(Limited to a few cities-Expanding).
  • Neotel - coverage in South Africa (parts of Johannesburg,Pretoria,Durban and Cape Town)
  • Net1 - rev. B coverage in Sweden, Norway (ICE) and Denmark. Nationwide 450 MHz network with free roaming in all countries.
  • Pelephone - full roll out in Israel finished in 2005.
  • PEOPLEnet - coverage in four major metropolitan areas in Ukraine. Was launched commercially in February 2007.
  • Polkomtel S.A. bought the Nordisk Mobiltelefon Polska EVDO rev.A @420 MHz network, partial coverage in Poland
  • PTCL coverage in Pakistan, almost entire country.
  • PTK Centertel Orange Poland - rev. A 450 MHz A-band, packet data only service, coverage on most rural areas in Poland
  • Public Mobile - Canadian Carrier with rev A service covering Toronto and Montreal.
  • Reliance Communications - coverage in India.
  • SaskTel - coverage in Regina, Saskatoon and 63 other communities in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Sferia - coverage in Poland.
  • S-Fone - coverage in Vietnam.
  • SK Telecom - coverage in South Korea. EV-DO branded as June.
  • Skylink - coverage in Russia
  • Sotelma - coverage in Mali.
  • Sprint - rev. A branded as Power Vision and Mobile Broadband in the US and Puerto Rico.
  • Starcomms - rev. A coverage in Nigeria.
  • Tata Indicom photon+ - coverage in India.
  • Tatem - rev. A coverage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Telcel- coverage in Mexico.
  • Telus Mobility Rev. A coverage in Canada.
  • Telecom New Zealand - Rev. A coverage in all major metropolitan areas and many other towns around New Zealand.
  • Televõrk - coverage in Estonia.
  • Terracom - coverage in Rwanda.
  • Triatel - coverage in Latvia.
  • TSTT - rev. 0 coverage in Trinidad and Tobago. Data only since its voice network is GSM/EDGE.
  • U:fon - rev. A coverage in the Czech Republic.
  • US Cellular - sixth largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States
  • Verizon Wireless - rev. 0 and Rev. A coverage in USA. Often branded as Mobile Broadband and V CAST.
  • Virgin Mobile – coverage in the United States using Novatel Wireless hardware.
  • Virgin Mobile India - Coverage in India using Tata Indicom hardware.
  • Wellcom - Coverage in Russia.
  • WestNet Wireless - Coverage in Calgary, AB.
  • Worldcall - Coverage in 60+ cities of Pakistan.
  • Zantel - Coverage in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  • Zapp Mobile - Coverage in Portugal. Coverage in major cities and 87% of the area of Romania.
  • PTCL - Coverage in Pakistan, also provides EvDO Nitro - 9.3 Mbit/s coverage in Pakistan.

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