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  • Melosa's Pilot Clothing (or Melosa's Trailer Clothing) is a popular and common animation oddity seen throughout the series. In the first three episodes, her blue dress that covers her overalls is different than that of the recent episodes. In the old design, the Di-Gata henge was engraved on a cover over her left breast. And the dress itself was a wrap, with a dark blue lining going down underneath the cover, much like a robe or kimono. Afterwards, the cover and wrap line were removed and it become a full blue dress. Some spell (examples like Frost Blast and Crystal Casket) and older Draykor summonings used in the Pilot episodes got mixed into the later episodes. This conflicted with Melosa's appearance and became an animation oddity. This oddity is more popular in Season I than it is in Season II.
  • In the episode "What Lies Beneath", Ronny, aka "Gator Boy", from "Ms. Fortune" can be found in the background of two scenes when the Defenders enter Arboth. He doesn't say anything in either scene.
  • Some guardians and/or characters have sigils within their henges that the stone caster has not mastered or does not use when casting spells (e.g.: Seth being able to summon Omnikragg without any of his spells involving the Altas sigil or Malco's chestplate bearing the Altas-Infinis henge when his spells don't use either sigil).
  • Von Faustien is an Ethos hunter found in the episode Von Faustien. His name and occupation are a play on Abraham Van Helsing, a professor/vampire slayer found within the Dracula universe, written by Bram Stoker.
  • Lady K'tahsh, a servant of the Ethos almost has the appearance and innate powers equal to Drow Elves, a sub-race of elves found in the Dungeon & Dragons series. Greg Collinson himself has also stated that Lady K'tahsh's character was inspired by the Night Elves, which originate from the Warcraft series.
  • Malco, Flinch and Snare are the only adults that use the Yin sigil in their spells (and also for evil purposes). Which is ironic because it is the Sigil of Youth. The others are either children or teenagers. Examples in the young age group are Rion, Kara, and Adam.
  • Adam and Kid Cole are the only two characters that use three sigils in their spells. Adam uses Yin, Yan, and Infinis and Kid Cole uses Dako, Nega, and Yin.
  • Kid Cole is the only character whose sigils are composed of combinations other characters use:
Character Dako Nega Yin
Kid Cole Y Y Y
Seth Y Y N
Malco and Dark Malco Y N Y
Rion N Y Y
  • Most people working for the Order of Infinis have mastered the Infinis sigil; the only exception to this is Malco.
  • Adam, Doku, and Bo are the only stone casters that specialize in sigils that are the opposites of each other. Adam uses Yin (Youth) and Yan (Wisdom), while Doku and Bo use Dako (Chaos) and Ogama (Order).
  • Snare is the only character that uses the Sum sigil for evil purposes.
  • Kara is the only character seen in the series that uses the Altas sigil in Di-Gata stone form. This makes Altas the least used sigil amongst the stone casters in this series.
  • Dako is the most frequently used sigil amongst the stone casters in this series. It is used by 8 people and a race: Seth (Dako with Nega), Kali (as Kara, Dako with Altas), Bo and Doku (Dako with Ogama), Brackus (Dako with Infinis), Malco and Dark Malco (Dako with Yin), Kid Cole (Dako with Nega and Yin), Finn (Dako with Sum), and the Zad (Dako with Ethos). This also means Dako is the sigil using almost all possible combinations in terms of stone casters.
  • Anaconduit, Darkviper, Yan-SH-ion, and Tormentor are the only three guardians whose henges on their stones are not engraved anywhere on their bodies.
  • Anaconduit is the only guardian that has the Megalith's henge engraved on its forehead in place of the henge on its stone.
  • Darkviper and Omniaxor are the only guardians to have been summoned by more than one stone caster. However, Darkviper has been summoned by more than one on-screen caster.
  • In the opening sequence of the first season's episodes, the four main Defenders are shown summoning their stones; however, the sigils shown with them are not the ones they actually use:
Character Their Sigils What they summoned
Seth Nega, Dako Nega, Infinis
Melosa Sum, Yan Sum, Altas
Kara Yin, Altas Yin, Yan
Erik Ogama, Infinis Ogama, Dako
Rion Nega, Yin Nega, Altas

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