List of Defunct Department Stores of The United States

List Of Defunct Department Stores Of The United States

The extent of department stores in America is an incalculable number. Many towns had multiple department stores over the years. Others changed names and some existed for only a short time. The stores on this list of defunct department stores of the United States range from small-town one-unit stores to big city mega-chains that have disappeared over the past 100 years, including both traditional department stores and discount stores.

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List Of Defunct Department Stores Of The United States - Other Department Stores - National and Regional
... Acorn Stores (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Ames Department Stores Inc ... based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut) Arlan's Department Store (Mid-Atlantic and Midwest) Bradlees (based in Boston, Massachusetts) (New England, Mid-Atlantic) Britt's Department Store ... Membership Department Stores (national/Ontario, Canada also known as G.E.X ...

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