List of Cistercian Monasteries - United States

United States

Abbey Type Founded Location Details Website
Abbey of Gethsemani Trappist 1848 Kentucky Home of Thomas Merton
New Melleray Abbey Trappist 1849 Peosta, Iowa
Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian Abbey Common Observance 1920s Sparta, Wisconsin Closed 2011. Supported itself with financial investing, real estate, forestry and rental of farmland. It also operated "Laser Monks", which provided recycled laser toner and ink jet cartridges.
Monastery of the Holy Spirit Trappist 1944 Conyers, Georgia
Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity Trappist 1947 Huntsville, Utah
Mount Saint Mary's Abbey Nuns (Trappist) 1949 Wrentham, Massachusetts Daughter house of St. Mary's Abbey (Glencairn, Waterford).
Mepkin Abbey Trappist 1949 Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Assumption Abbey Trappist 1950 Ava, Missouri
Holy Cross Abbey Trappist 1950 Berryville, Virginia
St. Joseph Abbey Trappist 1950 Spencer, Massachusetts Founded as Our Lady of the Valley Abbey in Central Falls, Rhode Island in 1900. Moved 1950 after a fire destroyed most of their buildings.
Abbey of the Genesee Trappist 1951 Piffard, New York
Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey Trappist 1955 Lafayette, Oregon The community moved from the abbey at Pecos, New Mexico (founded 1948) to Oregon, where farming gave higher yields.
Abbey of New Clairvaux Trappist 1955 Vina, California
Valley of Our Lady Monastery Nuns (Common Observance) 1957 Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin The first Cistercian nunnery in the United States, founded by nuns from the Swiss Abbey of Frauenthal.
Our Lady of Dallas Abbey Common Observance 1958 Irving, Texas
Redwoods Monastery Nuns (Trappist) 1962 Whitethorn, California Founded from the Cistercian monastery of Nazareth in Belgium.
Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey Nuns (Trappist) 1964 Dubuque, Iowa Daughter-house of Mt. St. Mary Abbey in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels Nuns (Trappist) 1987 Crozet, Virginia
Our Lady of Fatima Monastery Common Observance Mount Laurel, New Jersey
St Benedict Monastery Trappist 1956 Snowmass, Colorado
Santa Rita Abbey Nuns (Trappist) Sonoita, Arizona

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