List of Castles in Korea - Ancient - Baekje


  • Acha Mountain Fortress 아차산성
  • Baek mountain fortress 백산성
  • Bukhan mountain fortress 북한산성
  • Dok mountain fortress 독산성
  • Dosal Fortress 도살성
  • Geumhyeon Fortress 금현성
  • Gong mountain Fortress (Hangul :공산성 Hanja :公山城) present-day Gongju, second capital of Baekje.)
  • Gyejok mountain fortress 대덕 계족산성
  • Han Fortress 한성 (재령)
  • Horogoro Fortress 호로고로성
  • Ihsong mountain fortress 이성산성
  • Imjon Fortress 임존성
  • Jeung mountain fortress 증산성
  • Juryu Fortress 주류성 or 건지산성
  • Naesaji Fortress 내사지성
  • Namhansanseong 남한산성
  • Noseong mountain fortress 노성산성
  • Odu mountain fortress 오두산성
  • Ong mountain fortress 옹산성
  • Pocheon Banweol Fortress 포천 반월성
  • Sa Fortress 사성
  • Sabi (Hangul :사비성 Hanja :泗沘城) present-day Buyeo, third capital of Baekje.)
    • Buso mountain fortress 부소산성
    • Cheong mountain fortress 청산성
    • Cheongma mountain fortress 청마산성
    • Seokseong mountain fortress 석성산성
  • Sahyeon Fortress 사현성
  • Seolbong mountain fortress 설봉산성
  • Seongheung mountain fortress 성흥산성
  • Sugok Fortress 수곡성
  • Ugeumam mountain fortress 우금암 산성
  • Wiryeseong (Hangul :위례성 Hanja :慰禮城) present-day Seoul, first capital of Baekje.)
    • Mongchon Toseong 몽촌토성
    • Pungnap Toseong 풍납토성

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