List of BSD Operating Systems

List Of BSD Operating Systems

There are a number of Unix-like operating systems under active development, descended from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) series of UNIX variants developed (originally by Bill Joy) at the University of California, Berkeley EECS department. Currently, there are four major BSD operating systems, and an increasing number of other OSs derived from these, that add or remove certain features but generally remain compatible with their originating OS — and so are not really forks of them. This is a list of those that have been active in the last couple of years, and their respective websites.

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List Of BSD Operating Systems - Historic BSD
... BSD was originally derived from Unix, using the complete source code for Sixth Edition Unix for the PDP-11 from Bell Labs as a starting point for the ... Such an operating system would allow Department of Defense software, especially for intricate, long-term finance and logistics operations, to be quickly ported to new hardware as ... code was later ported both from and to Unix System III and still later Unix System V ...

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