List of Anuran Families - Families


Archaeobatrachia - 4 families, 6 genera, 27 species
Family Genera Common Names Example Species Example Photo
1 Tailed frogs Tailed Frog (Ascaphus truei)
2 Fire-belly toads European Fire-bellied Toad (Bombina bombina)
2 Painted frogs or Disc-Tongued frogs Iberian or Portuguese Painted Frog (Discoglossus galganoi)
1 New Zealand primitive frogs Hochstetters frog (Leiopelma hochstetteri)
Mesobatrachia - 6 families, 21 genera, 168 species
Family Genera Common Names Example Species Example Photo
11 Litter frogs or short-legged toads Long-nosed Horned Frog (Megophrys nasuta)
1 European spadefoot toads Common Spadefoot (Pelobates fuscus)
1 Parsley frogs Common Parsley Frog (Pelodytes punctatus)
5 Tongueless frogs or clawed frogs African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri)
1 Mexican Burrowing Toad Mexican Burrowing Toad (Rhinophrynus dorsalis)
2 American spadefoot toads Western Spadefoot Toad (Spea hammondii)
Neobatrachia - 21 families, more than 5,000 species
Family Genera Common Names Example Species Example Photo
1 Tukeit Hill Frog Tukeit Hill Frog (Allophryne ruthveni) -
2 Marsupial Frogs Marsupial Frog (Gastrotheca excubitor)
8 Screeching frogs or squeakers Tanzanian Screeching Frog (Arthroleptis tanneri) -
1 Saddleback toads Brazilian Gold Frog (Brachycephalus didactylus) -
35 True toads Common Toad (Bufo bufo)
3 Glass frogs Bare-hearted Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum)
9 Poison dart frogs Yellow-banded Poison Dart (Dendrobates leucomelas)
1 Ghost frogs Natal Ghost Frog (Heleophryne natalensis) -
1 Shovelnose frogs Mottled Shovelnose Frogs (Hemisus marmoratus) -
42 Tree frogs White's Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea)
20 Sedge frogs or bush frogs Big-eyed Tree Frog (Leptopelis vermiculatus)
49 Southern frogs or tropical frogs Cliff Chirping Frog (Eleutherodactylus marnockii)
5 - Golden Mantella (Mantella aurantiaca)
69 Narrow-mouthed frogs Sheep Frog (Hypopachus variolosus)
20 Australian ground frogs Great Barred Frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus)
52 True frogs American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
9 Moss frogs Malabar Flying Frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus)
1 Darwin's frogs Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma darwinii)
2 Seychelles frogs Gardiner's Seychelles Frog (Sooglossus gardineri) -

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