List of Aircraft of The Royal New Zealand Air Force and Royal New Zealand Navy - List of Aircraft Alphabetically By Manufacturer - A


Aermacchi Italy
18 Aermacchi MB-339CB (survivor)NZ6460 - NZ6477 1991-2001
AESL New Zealand
4 AESL Airtourer See also CT4 (survivor)NZ1760-1763 1970-1993
Agusta Italy
6 Agusta A109 ordered 2007 (one frame torn down for spares)
Aichi Japan
1 Aichi E13A "Jake" (captured aircraft flown in theatre).
Airco United Kingdom see de Havilland below.
Airspeed United Kingdom
6 Airspeed Consul NZ1901-1906 1948-1954
229 Airspeed Oxford (survivor) NZ250-290, NZ1201-1399, NZ2100-2157, R6226 1938-1954
Avro United Kingdom
31 Avro 504K & L (survivor) D6243, E3142, E4153, E4237, E4242, E9424, E9427, E9429, E9432, F9745, H1952, H1958, H1964, H1965, H1966, H1968, H1970, H2986, H2987, H2988, H2989, H2990, H5240, H5241 & A.201-206. 1920-1931, ("A." series were new purchases in 1925. Others were Imperial Gift aircraft, loaned to private companies 1920-1923 or 24. Some lost in accidents while on loan).
4 Avro Prefect626 (survivor) NZ201-204 1935–1943
25 Avro Anson (survivor) NZ401-423 PH599, PH600 1942-1952
(RAF)Avro Lancaster 75 Squadron(survivor) 1943-1945
(RAF)Avro Lincoln 75 Squadron 1945
Auster United Kingdom
7 Auster, 6 J/5 and 1 Mk 7c (survivor) NZ1701-1707 1947-1970

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